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    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – Gel 1160
    • Type – Motion control
    • Weight – 303 grams (10.7 oz)
    • Price – $85
    • Feet – Normal or low arches
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    Asics Gel 1160

    About Asics

    Asics are one of the leading brands when it comes to running shoes. They make all apparel but have become well known for their technologically advanced running shoes. They have even recently started a television advertisement campaign promoting them as a brand for running shoes. Asics has a facility that has over 200 staff working on research and development to improve their range of running shoes. With this backing you can expect the best running shoes currently available today.

    Asics Gel 1160 Review

    These Asics Gel 1160 surpass the previous model which were the Gel 1150′s. They were extremely popular so Asics had a lot of work to improve them. Improve them they did by adding more of the technology they’ve discovered in their facilities. The Gel 1160′s are quite unique in that they’re good for people who pronate normally and overpronators. These are generally runners with normal or low arches. They have all the cushioning you need and are quite a lightweight shoe.

    Upper – The collar and tongue is padded for comfort so there’s no irritation as you’re running. The upper has mesh lining. This helps the shoe fit better and makes your feet breathable. There is 3M reflectivity at strategic points in the upper for better safety under low light conditions. The overlay is synthetic leather which provides protection against anything the weather can throw at you.

    Heel and Forefoot – This is where the Asics Gel cushioning comes into it’s own. These Gel packs are placed in certain parts of the heel and forefoot where it’s needed. They provide cushioning for the heel as your foot lands. In the forefoot it provides a firm propulsive push off from the toe as your stride continues. All this enhances your runs and provides the needed shock absorption.

    Midsole – The midsole is a super EVA compound. This gives you improved energy return as you run. It also reduces premature midsole breakdown. You need the midsole to breakdown but this must be in a controlled way and this midsole helps with that. The midsole also has a dual density system which provides support and stability as you run. This is what helps the overpronator during their stride.

    Outsole – The Durasponge outsole is made of blown AHAR rubber for superior cushioning and durability. The outsole is made to give you the optimum traction while still having the flexibility you need in a running shoe. It has a Trusstic system which reduces the weight of the sole unit while maintaining the ultimate structural integrity of the shoe. In the heel and forefoot where the shoe gets the most wear there is further durability enhancements.

    Asics Gel 1160 Conclusion

    The Asics Gel 1160 is a good lightweight running shoe that has a reasonable price tag. It’s an improvement on the old model if you’re considering upgrading. The shoe carries the full spectrum of being ok for normal arches and low arches, flat feet or overpronators. It’s basically an all round shoe that is ideal for someone relatively new to running and doesn’t want to spend too much. It doesn’t have all the latest technologies but it’s still a very good shoe.

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    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – MR890
    • Type – Cushioned/Neutral
    • Weight – 273 grams (9.6 oz)
    • Price – $99.99
    • Feet – Normal or high arches
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    New Balance 890

    About New Balance

    New Balance have been making apparel and running shoes for many years. Over this time they’ve managed to stay at the forefront of technology and design. For this reason they’re fast growing in popularity for their running shoes and have many who customers are very loyal to the brand. New Balance today remain the only athletic shoe manufacturer to be still be making shoes in the US and for that reason alone they deserve some support.

    New Balance 890 Review

    Barefoot running which means running in minimalist running shoes to mimic running barefoot is growing in popularity in a big way. As runners discover the benefits of this style of running more and more people have started doing it. Special barefoot running shoes are made by most of the manufacturers today. The New Balance 890 is a nod to the barefoot running craze. It takes a lot of features of barefoot running shoes and puts it into a normal running shoe. It’s a lot lighter than normal but is still well cushioned and offers support.

    Upper – The upper is covered in synthetic mesh which provides comfort and support and allows your feet to breathe in hot weather and keeps moisture out. The laces are flat and soft and slide through special flat lacing holes. These lock the laces in place preventing the shoes coming undone through your run and preventing any discomfort from the laces on the top of your feet. The seams are welded which is an improvement on sewing of inferior running shoes.

    Heel and Forefoot – There is a special “Abzorb” Strobel Board that runs from the heel all the way to the forefoot. This maximizes shock absorption and comfort. It is important for the heel landing to be as cushioned as possible in a neutral shoe and the 890′s have managed this while still preserving the lightness of the shoe. The forefoot provides further cushioning to give the toe off an extra push for the momentum you need for that part of the stride.

    Midsole – The midsole is where the new lightweight technology has been introduced. It’s called Revlite. This material provides the maximum responsiveness and durability but is 30% lighter than most foams that would go in it’s place. The cushioning continues in the insert which is made of further absorbing material which is removable, full length and provides added comfort. Running on this light shoe is designed alleviate an underpronator which high arched runners tend to be. It’s also suitable for normal arched runners who want superior cushioning.

    Outsole – The outsole has a unique diamond motif which helps grip and in the transition of the foot as you run. The outsole is made of blown rubber and the forefoot portion has been designed for extra cushioning. The compound used is called Ndurance and will help the sole last while still being flexible. You get maximum durability in the sole while still giving you great traction and cushioning.

    New Balance 890 Conclusion

    The New Balance 890 is the lightest trainer that New Balance make. It’s a nod to the barefoot running craze and that’s why it’s so light. This craze has really helped runners and that is why the 890 has been designed this way. The price is what you’d expect to pay these days for quality running shoes and that’s what you need running at any level. So if you have normal to high arches and you want a particularly cushioned running shoe then the New balance 890 could be ideal for you.

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    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – GT 2160
    • Type – Motion Control
    • Weight – 332 grams (11.7 oz)
    • Price – $100
    • Feet – Low or normal arches
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    Asics GT 2160

    About Asics

    Asics has been making apparel for many years. They’ve recently become very popular and well known especially in running circles for their running shoes. They put a lot of effort into the technology for their shoes to the point that they have a research and development team that employs 200+ people. All this means you get the latest most technologically advanced running shoes you can buy. Asics are always updating the model of their shoes as they come out and this review is of one of them.

    Asics GT 2160 Review

    Asics update their running shoes regularly and nearly every model is a succession of a shoe in the past. With the GT 2160 the previous model was the GT 2150. These lacked some of the technical advancements in the later model and if you have the earlier model and are looking at the GT 2160 then do consider them as they’re very similar. The shoe is for runners that overpronate, often these runners have flat feet or low arches yo normal arches. They’re classed as motion control running shoes. If you tend to run off road especially on trails then this shoe is good for you too.

    Upper – As with all Asics shoes today there is plenty of 3M reflectivity on the upper so you can be seen in low light conditions. The upper has a mesh covering most of it. This allows your feet to breath and creates a comfortable stride. There are synthetic leather overlays to provide comfortable support and protection against the rain. The tongue is padded and the collar extends round to the heel with a memory foam lining for the perfect fit.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel and forefoot have an impact guidance system which are components within the shoe that link together. These enhance the natural running motion the runner has from the heel landing to the propulsive toe off. There is also a dual density material in the heel and forefoot called solyte which increases comfort with every stride. There is also the hugely popualr Asics Gel system which provides the bounce back feeling and support you get from good running shoes.

    Midsole – The special midsole is lighter than normal midsoles which are made of EVA. This makes the overall shoe lighter and running is easier. It is also dual density to offer superior support and stability which is needed for runners who overpronate. A special Trusstic system is in place which provides a space for the shoe to deform in the midsole as the heel lands. This means you run with more efficient foot function.

    Outsole – The heel part of the outsole features a “plug”. This is made of high abrasion rubber and offers superior durability that you need in a hard wearing area like the heel. The GT 2160 is also a trail shoe as well as running and as such it has a specific outsole that delivers rugged traction against all kinds of terrain. Finally there’s guidance line technology which is a groove along the sole which gives your running the maximum stride efficiency.

    Asics GT 2160 Conclusion

    The Asics GT 2160 is one of the better shoes for overpronators. It will also support those who severely overpronate. So if you’re on the look out for such a shoe you will want to consider the GT 2160. The price at $100 is reasonable for all the technology you’re getting and it’s the latest model availableand you always pay a premium for that. What you get is a quality running shoe that will correct and enhance your running action.

    Click here for the Asics GT 2160 running shoes at the best price we’ve seen!

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    If you do any running you should buy specialist running shoes. Even if you only run once a week or fewer than that you need proper running shoes. Not having running shoes and running opens you up to all kinds of injuries. You don’t need to buy hardly anything else for running in particular except running shoes. They don’t have to be expensive as long as you get the right ones for you. In order to know the correct running shoes, you need to identify your foot type.

    There are 3 different foot types

    For the purpose of identifying the right type of running shoes are the best we need to divide feet into 3 different types. Based on these types there are 3 different types of running shoe. The 3 types of feet are divided into how high the arch in your foot is. To measure this simply do the wet paper test. Make a foot wet but not too much and make an imprint on a piece of paper. Depending on the shape you can tell which arch type you are.

    Low Arches – This type of foot is often called flat feet and if you have flat feet you can easily identify them. The wet paper test would leave an imprint with no indentation where the arch would be. This type of runner tends to overpronate. Pronation is the rotation of your foot as you strike the ground on your heel to the toe off. There must be some pronation as it’s natures shock absorber for your body. However those with low arches tend to pronate too much. This is the same with heavier runners whose foot imprint is like that of a low arched person.

    Normal Arches – This is the type of foot that most people have and is sometimes called neutral feet. On the wet paper test you see an indentation where the arch is and there is still a thick strip of foot next to it. These types of runners pronate normally, their running action provides a good shock absorbed motion for the body and you’ll get fewer injuries. However as a runner you still need proper running shoes to enhance the natural running motion and provide additional support and stability.

    High Arches – With the wet foot test you’ll see nearly a whole space through the middle of the foot. The arch is so high that it almost spreads across the whole foot. People with this foot type tend to underpronate (can also be called supinate). This means the foot doesn’t rotate enough as you run. This means there’s a lot of shock and pounding on the feet, joints and lower back. Proper running shoes are definitely required.

    The 3 types of running shoes and the foot type they go with

    Running shoes can be divide into 3 types and one of these will be ideal for you. It sometimes can take a while to identify them but you can. Most running shoes are made for normal runners and that is a specific type of running shoe. The best thing to do is ask at your local store as to which running shoes you’re looking at. Better still you can shop online and you’re told by the better retailers and running shoe blogs online what types of running shoes you may want to buy.

    Motion Control are for Low Arches – This type of shoe is stiffer than the rest. They are also bulkier to suit the person with a low arch or flat feet. They need to prevent so much rotation or overpronation of the foot. This is why they are slightly inflexible than other shoes. They still provide cushioning as all running shoes do and you will experience that bounce back feeling with a new pair. However your incidence of injuries will be reduced and your running will improve as a result.

    Stability are for Normal Arches – These are the most common type of shoe because most people have normal arches. These shoes will not interfere with the normal running action. They don’t need to because it’s already perfect for the runner. These shoes still provide lots of cushioning so you’ll be able to run on hard surfaces if needed. They are made with durable materials so they will last as long as they can. Remember even though your foot is normal you still need proper running shoes and these are the ones you need.

    Cushioned are for High Arches – This type of shoe is more flexible than the others. This is because high arched runners tend to underpronate so rotation in the feet as you run needs to be encouraged. There’s cushioning all round the shoe but particularly at the edges due to the amount of wear the edges receive from runners with this foot type. All the elements of the shoe will help the running action improve and like with the other shoes will make a big difference to your running. You’ll have fewer injuries and you’ll enjoy running more as it becomes easier.


    We can’t stress enough how important it is to have the correct running shoes. Like we said at the start they don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive because the correct type is more important. However we would advise to get the best shoes you can afford. Generally the more you pay the better the shoe and the better designed it is to match your foot type. These days running shoes are packed with technology and all of this helps your running even more. So get out there, get the correct running shoes and enjoy your running!

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    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – DS Trainer 16
    • Type – Stability
    • Weight – 284 grams (10 oz)
    • Price – $110
    • Feet – Normal arches
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    Asics Gel DS Trainer 16 running shoes

    About Asics

    Asics has a large research and development site in America where they employ over 200 people to help improve their shoes and apparel. They are most famous for their running shoes and you can tell there’s a lot of technology in their shoes. Asics is named after a Latin phrase and means sound in mind and body. They like their running shoes to enhance their customers running. Once you’ve run with Asics running shoes you may never want to change brand.

    Asics Gel DS Trainer 16 Review

    The Asics Gel DS Trainer 16 is the latest incarnation of the DS Trainer series. Of course it has the Gel technology that nearly all Asics running shoes have. It’s been designed for people who pronate normally and if you mildly over or underpronate then these shoes will be good for you too. They provide the cushioning and support that stability shoes need and also it’s adaptive so runners who don’t need a full motion control or neutral shoe can still use them.

    Upper – The upper has 3M reflective elements to ensure you can be seen in low light conditions. There is open mesh paneling to give the optimal ventilation. There is what Asics call their Biomorphic Fit which is a stretchy fabric found throughout the upper. This gives you the ultimate fit and feel and prevents buckling as you run. There is an asymmetrical lacing design which places the laces slightly over one side of the foot for better fit and feel when running.

    The collar is specially designed so it combines with the heel for superior comfort and fit. The upper itself is synthetic leather which gives lightweight support. There’s a sockliner which will give a comfortable dry environment for your feet. It’s also anti-microbial so it will last along with the shoe. All this technology helps the upper feel natural against the foot .

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel and forefoot is where the Gel technology comes into play. It’s placed at strategic points where the impact is at it’s greatest to provide the optimum cushioning and that bounce back feeling you get with new running shoes. The Asics Impact Guidance System is located in the heel and forefoot and helps the foot through the heel landing to the toe off. This encourages the correct running action.

    Midsole – The midsole is dual density and is precisely positioned for runners to give support and stability. The midsole is also made of a material that makes it lighter than standard EVA midsoles but still just as durable. There is a special Trusstic system that makes the midsole deform at the correct rate and places for the runner which gives cushioning and comfort as you run. This same system helps give you the propulsion you require with every stride.

    Outsole – The outsole is named Duosole and is super light weight and flexible. At the same time it offers good traction and long lasting wear. Asics have used Guidance Line technology in the sole which is a special groove along the middle that curves at the tip. This improve stride efficiency. There’s also a special wet grip compound which helps it grip to the surface when it’s wet. The heel has a special plug to give durability in this hard wearing area.

    Asics Gel DS Trainer 16 Conclusion

    The Asics Gel DS Trainer 16 is a good overall running shoe for those who have normal arches and pronate normally. Basically if you’re the average runner then this shoe is good for you. It’s full of technology as you can see by what we’ve said above and will enhance your run. Running shoes are the most important running equipment you can buy so good running shoes are essential. These fit into that category and are not the most expensive out there and you’re getting the latest model so it’s a recommendation.

    Click here for the Asics Gel DS Trainer 16 running shoes at the best price we’ve seen!

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  • Feb
    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – Gel Kayano 17
    • Type – Motion Control
    • Weight – 357 grams (12.6 oz)
    • Price – $140
    • Feet – Normal or low arches
    • StoreClick here
    Asics Gel Kayano 17 Running Shoes

    About Asics

    Asics was named after a Latin phrase which means “a sound mind in a sound body”. Asics have been making running shoes for many years and have grown to become one of the leading brands in the field. Their shoes are full of technological advances in running footwear. Asics has a research and development site in which over 200 people work to make their shoes better for athletic people in all kinds of sports. What Asics are best known for is their running shoes.

    Asics Gel Kayano 17 Review

    The Gel Kayano has been a popular running shoe with every model they release. We are now on the 17th and it still features the Gel technology that Asics have used on so many of their running shoes. This Gel Kayano 17 is a cross between a motion control and stability running shoe. It’s good for people who pronate normally and those who overpronate. There is plenty of cushioning and support but also a correcting of the overpronating running action.

    Upper – The upper has plenty of 3M reflectivity so you can be seen in low light conditions. The collar and tongue are padded and there’s a mesh covering parts of the shoe for comfort and breathability. There are synthetic leather overlays which provides lightweight and durable support. The shoe has an innovative asymmetrical lacing system which provides support and a better fit for each foot.

    The upper gives a Biomorphic Fit which is a stretchy material that is placed in various parts of the upper which helps reduce buckling and gives an excellent fit and feel. The comfortable dry sockliner has anti-microbial properties and the heel has two layers of memory foam around the collar which molds to the foot to give a personalized fit.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel has discrete unit technology to help the impact guidance system in the midsole by reducing shock and providing stability. The Gel technology is widely used in the heel and forefoot and is what provides cushioning and that bounce back feeling you get in good running shoes. This means as the foot goes from landing to toe off you have the Gel inserts delivering shock absorption at key points.

    Midsole – Asics have used a Duomax technology which is a dual intensity midsole which enhances support and provides further stability. There is more technology in the midsole to make it very durable and provide superior cushioning and this is called Solyte. The impact guidance system is a special design that links parts of the midsole to enhance the normal running action. This will aid your running with every stride.

    Outsole – All along the sole is a vertical flex groove that Asics call their Guidance Line Technology which is a special line that promotes maximum stride efficiency making your running easier and with less effort. The forefoot outsole material is composed of a blown high abrasion rubber to give cushioning and long lasting wear. There is also a heel plug to help in this area that takes so much punishment during runs and also promotes lasting wear in the shoe.

    Asics Gel Kayano 17 Conclusion

    The Asics Gel Kayano 17 is an impressive leap forward over the previous model. They’ve used the previous model as the basis and have added all their new technology from their research. For this reason if you have used the Kayano 16 successfully and are worried about upgrading you shouldn’t be. You’re upgrading to a better shoe. The Kayano 17 represents one of the best running shoes Asics make and it will enhance every aspect of your running.

    Click here for the Asics Gel Kayano 17 running shoes at the best price we’ve seen!

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  • Feb
    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – Gel Kinsei 3
    • Type – Stability
    • Weight – 357 grams (12.6 oz)
    • Price – $180
    • Feet – All
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    Asics Gel Kinsei 3 Running Shoes

    About Asics

    Asics the brand is named after the initials of a Latin phrase meaning “of sound mind and body”. Asics make their running shoes to react to the feet and body naturally. They use the latest technologies in their shoes and are very popular among expert runners. So much so that they have become one of the biggest running shoe brands today. They can even be seen on TV with their recent advertisement promoting their running shoes to a wider audience.

    Asics Gel Kinsei 3 Review

    The Gel Kinsei series of running shoes are considered Asics best. It is their most advanced shoe with all the latest technologies that Asics have come up with. They have designed them so they are good for runners of all types. Those who pronate normally and have normal arches can run with these shoes, so can people who mildly over or under pronate. This is unique to the Gel Kinsei and the Gel Kinetic running shoes by Asics.

    Upper – As with all running shoes the collar and tongue are padded for comfort. There’s a special thing called Biomorphic Fit in the upper which is a special stretched material placed at certain points to reduce buckling and any potential irritation. The shoe has an asymmetrical lacing design for improved comfort and fit. There’s also a material Asics have named Cuprothermo which retains heat in cold weather and allows it to escape in cold weather.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel and forefoot is where the Gel cushioning technology is used the most. They both have Gel units in them and provide support, stability and that bounce back feeling as you run from the landing on the heel to the toe off. There is a heel unit that has the Impact Guidance System (IGS) which helps reduce shock and guides you in the right running line for your stride. The heel has a memory foam lining to mold to the foot for stability and no unwanted movement inside the shoe.

    Midsole – The midsole contains a material called Solyte which is very cushioning and very lightweight. This provides the shoe some of it’s durability and bounce back action. There’s also a Space Trusstic System which reduces the weight of the shoe while still maintaining the structural integrity. The midsole’s design is what makes this shoe good for all types of runners because it ‘s adaptive to the runners stride.

    Outsole – The outsole is specially made and called Duosole which while reducing weight it still maintains traction and durability. The outsole itself enhances flexibility which aids the correct running action and is made of blown rubber. This is material that retains it’s softness while still being able to last through all the pounding runs you give it. In the outsole you’ll see the vertical flex groove which is a guidance line to enhance your normal running gait.

    Asics Gel Kinsei 3 Conclusion

    The Asics Gel Kinsei 3 is an impressive running shoe. It costs a little more than most but you get what you pay for. If you want a running shoe with the latest research and technology applied then this is the one to go for. Reviews on the web are positive and really rate the shoe highly. The shoe has gone through a lot of advancements since the Kinsei 2 but maintains the overall fit and feel of what made the previous model so popular. So if you can afford it the Asics Gel Kinsei 3 won’t disappoint.

    Click here for the Asics Gel Kinsei 3 running shoes at the best price we’ve seen!

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  • Feb
    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – WW1100
    • Type – Wellness
    • Weight – 246 grams (8.6 oz)
    • Price – $59.99
    • Foot – All
    • StoreClick here
    New Balance WW1100

    About New Balance

    New Balance has been making apparel and sports shoes for over 30 years. Over this time they’ve stayed at the forefront of sports shoe technology and design. Today they’ve become one of the leaders globally when it comes to their shoes. They are proud of their brand and believe they make superior footwear for men and women. They make all kinds of shoes for every sport you can think of and they’ve become known and popular among people in many sports and hobbies.

    New Balance WW1100 Review

    The New Balance WW1100 are called wellness shoes and they’ve been specially created for women. They have been designed to strengthen and tone the legs, thighs and buttocks. They will also make you burn more calories just by going about your day while wearing these shoes. This is something that will be prized by those who want to lose weight and get some shape in the legs and buttocks.

    These wellness shoes work to such an extent that research has been done to figure out just how much better these shoes are compared to normal walking shoes at working the body and here are the results:

    • up to 10% increased calorie burning
    • up to 29% increased quad muscle activation
    • up to 16% increased glute muscle activation
    • up to 16% increased hamstring muscle activation
    • up to 14% increased calf muscle activation

    As you can see these shoes really work the muscles in the legs and buttocks as well as burning calories. These is even evidence there that it works the calf muscles. All of this activation as it puts it above is the improvement and toning of those particular muscles and toning of those areas of the body.

    Upper – The upper is synthetic and mesh and will provide the utmost support and comfort. There is a liner of the shoe that you can barely see that provides further comfort as you walk around. The shoe is available in a variety of colors all of which can be seen at the other end of the links above and below.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel and forefoot provide stability for the shoe. There is a special foam insert that will spread the pressure of the ground as you walk. It gives that bounce back feeling with every stride. The foam also conforms to the foot so it will mold around you and feel snug and comfortable.

    Midsole – There is some technology used in the midsole called Acteva Ultralite. This is a very lightweight midsole that provides the ideal resistance to compression. This technology is so lightweight that it is 32% lighter than standard foam midsoles.

    Outsole – The outsole has special Ndurance compound rubber to provide good traction and durability in high wear areas. The outsole as they all are whatever sports shoe you buy is made of blown rubber which is the perfect material to use as it lasts long while being soft to walk on.

    New Balance WW1100 Conclusion

    The New Balance WW1100 is a unique shoe. There are hardly any around that will give you a workout just by wearing them and going about your day to day business. They’ve been design to do this and still be comfortable to wear and walk in.

    There are other shoes that do this but they’re made for running in. These are the only ones aimed towards women and are designed for walking and everyday use. We say go for these if you want to lose weight or if you want to get some toning and shape in the problem areas like the legs, buttocks, thighs and core.

    Click here for the New Balance WW1100 wellness shoes at the best price we’ve seen!

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  • Feb
    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – Gel Kinetic 3
    • Type – Stability
    • Weight – 363 grams (12.8 oz)
    • Price – $149.95
    • Feet – Normal arches
    • StoreZappos
    Asics Gel Kinetic 3

    About Asics

    The Gel Kinetic 3 is the third instalment of the kinetic series and feature Asics Gel technology. The shoe is designed for those with normal arches which is most runners. These runners have a natural running stride and their feet pronate normally. These runners need these stability running shoes to provide support and cushioning. The Gel Kinetic 3′s are good for long or short distances and their cushioning means any surface can be navigated.

    Asics Gel Kinetic 3 Review

    Upper – The collar and tongue is padded as you’d expect. The upper has a mesh on the outside, this keeps the feet cool while allowing them to breathe to get rid of moisture. There is what Asics call biomorphic fit in the upper which are specially stretched materials which helps reduce any buckling in the upper even after long term use. It’s also designed to help prevent any irritation you may have experienced from running shoes in the past.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel has been designed to give a personalized fit. It does this because there is a memory foam section which molds to the runners heel so you won’t feel any unwanted movement inside the shoe as you run. The Gel has been positioned strategically on high impact areas to give the perfect cushioning for the forefoot and rearfoot. This provides shock absorption helping to protect the vital areas of the foot as you land..

    Midsole – There is an impact guidance system which as the name suggests assists your feet from impact to toe off guiding the shoe to the correct motion as you run. In the midsole there’s a special cushioning material called Solyte which is very light weight and gives that bounce back feeling as you run and enhances the durability of the shoe. The midsole provides the stability of the shoe which is what you need with a normal arch.

    Outsole – The outsole contains a lot of technology to help durability, traction and flexibility. The outsole is Durasponge which is a blown rubber compound designed for extra cushioning. There is a unique Space Trusstic system which reduces the weight of the sole but still maintains the structural integrity. The heel part of the outsole has been made of high abrasive resistant rubber which gives the shoe increased durability.

    Asics Gel Kinetic 3 Conclusion

    As you can see the Asics Gel Kinetic 3 is full of technology and is one of the best running shoes that Asics make. It’s the ideal one for normal arches, it exactly fits that foot type unlike some other shoes. As we always suggest go for the latest model of shoe as it has the latest research and technologies applied to it. This can really make a difference to your running and will be a great investment in the only running equipment you really need which are your running shoes.

    Click here for the Asics Gel Kinetic 3 running shoes at the best price we’ve seen!

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  • Feb
    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – Gel 3020
    • Type – Motion control
    • Weight – 349 grams (12.3 oz)
    • Price – $120
    • Feet – Low or normal arches
    • StoreClick here
    Asics Gel 3020

    About Asics

    Asics have a proud history of making sports equipment and their name stands for an old latin phrase meaning of sound body and mind. They make their running shoes with this philosophy in mind and are now considered one of the best brands when it comes to running shoes. Over the years Asics have developed many new materials, technologies and designs in their running shoes which make them advanced pieces of running equipment. You running should be enhanced by an Asics shoe and this is true of this Asics Gel 3020.

    Asics Gel 3020 Review

    The Asics Gel 3020 is part of the incredibly popular Gel 3000 series. It’s named gel due to the material used in it’s construction. There is a Gel running shoe for just about every runner whatever your foot type and running style. This one is for normal or low arched foot types. For runners with “flat feet” this will suit you too. The shoe is designed with lots of cushioning and the perfect amount of flexibility for these foot types.

    Upper – The upper is mesh with a leather overlay, this will help keep your foot dry whilst allowing them to breathe. There is a specially designed “biomorphic fit” in the upper which is a stretch material that helps reduce any buckling and irritation in the shoe. The eyelets are all independently placed to minimize any tension from the laces and give a more comfortable fit. The collar has two layers of memory foam which will mold to the foot. The sockliner keeps you cool and dry and has anti-microbial properties.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel is designed to give you a personalized fit by molding to the foot. In the heel and forefoot is where the Gel technology comes in. It provides a special cushioning system which reduces shock as the impact and weight goes on to the heel as you land. The reduction in shock is continued to the forefoot and toes giving you the ideal toe off. The heel has been designed with a “plug” for maximum impact absorption and protects the shoe making it last longer.

    Midsole – The midsole is designed with a dynamic cradle which is a component that’s been introduced to give heightened guidance and fit. There’s also a DuoMax system which is a dual density material to give increased support and stability. There is an impact guidance system which as the name suggests channels the impact of running along the shoe where it deteriorates in the shoe and not your foot.

    Outsole – The outsole is special “AHAR” blown rubber for the optimum cushioning and durability. This extends further to the the heel unit for the ultimate in impact absorption and less wear on the shoe. The heel also has 3M reflectivity at the back for high visibility in low light. The sole is designed to be spongy as you run, not to the point that your running is springy but enough to give your natural running motion the support it needs.


    The Asics Gel 3020 is a popular running shoe and for good reason. It’s part of their popular Gel series of shoes and has the Gel technology which provides the perfect impact cushioning as you run. This shoe is good for long or short distance running and it’s been built to last. At $120 it’s on the higher end of the price range but you get what you pay for and they represent a great investment. They will last and far out perform inferior running shoes.

    Click here for the Asics Gel 3020 running shoes at the best price we’ve seen!

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    • Brand – Saucony
    • Model – ProGrid Ride 3
    • Type – Cushioned
    • Weight – 326 grams (11.5 oz)
    • Price – Around $95
    • Suitability – Normal or high arches
    • Found atClick here
    Saucony ProGrid Ride 3

    About Saucony

    Saucony have a great reputation for their premium running shoes. They like to make their shoes especially for people who are passionate about running because they’re passionate about the shoes. The company has been around for many years and they stay at the forefront of technology and design when it comes to their shoes. They study running in detail and make the ideal shoes to match any running conditions. The Saucony ProGrid Ride 3 is a good example of their advanced running shoe.

    Saucony ProGrid Ride 3 Review

    The ProGrid Ride 3 is the latest incarnation of the ProGrid Ride series and has more features than the previous model. It’s just been released and is a cushioned running shoe. This means it’s ideal for people with normal or high arches and the running action that these foot types have. These kind of foot types have a normal pronation which is the rotation of the foot from heel to toe off. This shoe helps support the natural running motion these runners have.

    Upper – The collar is next to the skin so you’ll find it very comfortable and it wicks away moisture which is ideal for long runs or hot weather. There is a mesh upper which is proving popular in advanced running shoes and provides a snug fit all the way across the foot. The sock liner is a special Saucony innovation which is cell foam and antimicrobial. It’s breathable and provides a cushioning ride.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel features Saucony’s latest impact deflection technology and is why the shoe is called ProGrid as ProGrid is what they call their heel technology. It absorbs shock and clears it away as the foot strikes the ground. It then provides a smooth transition as the weight travels from the back to the front of the foot. The forefoot has a special cushioning system which further helps in the toe off enabling a smoother run.

    Midsole – The midsole is impulse EVA which provides further cushioning for the the heel, middle and toes of the feet. The cushioning is responsive and reacts to the runner. It has rebound properties to help the running action. The midsole has been designed to quickly reduce the shock as the foot lands. This enables the foot to prepare for the toe off and the running stride.

    Outsole – The outsole is blown rubber with a special lightweight and flexible material. It does this and still maintains the durability you need in a running shoe. It’s designed for the utmost traction for whatever surface you’re running on. There’s a special carbon material in the outsole called XT-900 and this is part of the new Saucony technology. It provides exceptional durability so you should be able to get miles out of the shoe without the sole wearing.


    The Saucony ProGrid Ride 3 is a relatively light shoe so it won’t weigh you down. It will feel super comfortable to wear and the rebounding technology will make running easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. The shoe favors normal to high arches which are the categories most runners fall under. The ProGrid Ride 3 is a good updated shoe compared to the previous model that will no doubt attract many runners to the Saucony stable of running shoes.

    Click here for the Saucony ProGrid Ride 3 running shoes at the best price we’ve seen!

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    Bad knees can be a real burden on someone who wants to run or already does. You want to start or continue your running and maybe improve but your bad knees are holding you back. The trouble is you don’t fully know when they’re going to heal. So you could be out of action for weeks maybe months. So a lot of us will just run while our knees are bad. So here we’ve decided to show you the best running shoes for bad knees.

    What causes bad knees

    knee jointThere can be a variety of causes to bad knees and sometimes these can’t be fully identified in order to know how to correct them. Normally time is the healer but you can only wait so long and if the knees aren’t too bad you’ll go out and run anyway. Some of the causes of bad knees are running if you’re slightly overweight. This happens especially if you cover a lot of mileage. This is often accompanied with shin splints.

    Your knee may have a congenital defect that makes them prone to injuries or slightly weak. The knee is a vital joint when you run and when you land on the heel your knee takes a lot of punishment. There are all kinds of ligaments in the knee including the vital cruciate ligaments which cross over to enable both the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) to properly interact with each other. So there are a lot of possibilities for bad knees to arise.

    What happens when you run without the correct running shoes

    knee pain when runningRunning without the correct or best running shoes can affect your feet, legs and back in a negative way. The knees take their fair share of the strain too. Running without the correct running shoes will prevent you running as far, as quick and as easy. Your existing shoes will tire you out and limit your enjoyment of running. With the heel strike as you run your ankles as well as your knees will feel the brute force of the running surface.

    If your running on a hard surface your shoes will not properly support and protect your knees and joints. Your foot needs to pronate correctly which is the rotation of the foot from the heel strike to the toe off. This rotation is natural but it can rotate too little or too far. Both have negative consequences on the knees and not having the correct running shoes can cause this incorrect pronation.

    How the correct running shoes will help

    correct running shoesThe correct running shoes will enable your foot to pronate correctly as you run. Running shoes have gone through years of research to enable them to do a better job of supporting your body and knees as you run. They have the latest designs, technologies and materials to help and assist your running. The load on your knees are greatly reduced by an enormous extent by having the correct running shoes.

    Having the correct running shoes will really make a massive difference to your progress and enjoyment of running. This is especially noticeable in long distances which those with bad knees often shy away from. The best and correct running shoes will prevent any unnatural twisting action of the knees which the wrong shoes can often cause. The best running shoes will produce a natural running motion.

    With bad knees you need cushioned running shoes

    bad knees need cushioned running shoesOk, so the very fact that they’re called cushioned running shoes is an obvious indication of why they help with bad knees, but they do a lot more than just cushion each stride. The sole is more flexible and has slightly more width, this encourages pronation which is the body’s natural shock absorber. Combine this with the extra cushioned sole and your knees will suffer far less shock and strain.

    Running with cushioned running shoes with bad knees may actually enable the injury to heal if you’re only running short distances. Of course it’s difficult to tell without knowing the injury and other factors like your weight which could come into play. Whatever you do, having the correct running shoes is essential if you insist on running with bad knees. So choose the best cushioned running shoes and you can’t go wrong.

    Choosing the best cushioned running shoes

    best cushioned running shoesThe best cushioned running shoes don’t have to cost the earth. You can get good cushioned running shoes from $40 to $140 and more. Of course if you’re covering a lot of miles and you have bad knees we would advise you get more expensive, better running shoes. However for the average runner with bad knees the fact that you’ll be running with cushioned shoes will make all the difference.

    We could list here all the current best running shoes for bad knees but running shoes get updated every six or so months. New models come out and our list would be out of date. So what we’ll do is provide a link to Zappos below that has the best selection of the cushioned running shoes and the link will take you directly to the correct page so you can choose the best ones for you.

    Click Here for Cushioned Running Shoes

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    New Balance 1226

    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – MR1226 (men), WR1226 (women)
    • Type – Motion control
    • Weight – 362 grams (12.7 oz)
    • Price – $139.95
    • StoreClick here

    About New Balance

    New Balance have been making running shoes since the 1970′s. Running shoes were relatively new to the market then but soon grew in popularity. Over the years technology and design based on podiatrists research and fitness have advanced the running shoe greatly. New Balance has stayed at the forefront of this technology and make their running shoes with all the latest features that support and enhance your feet while running. This is true of the New Balance 1226.

    New Balance 1226 Review

    Previous models of the 1226 leaned more to the stability kind of running shoe but this is different for this latest model. This one is a motion control shoe and the reason is that the shoe is firmer and slightly heavier than the previous model. When a shoe is like this it favors people who have flat feet or overpronate because they need a shoe which eases the over rotation that their foot has naturally in their running.

    Upper – The upper is mesh and synthetic for lightweight support. This will also allow your feet to breathe so any moisture from running will dissipate and you’ll feel more comfortable. The collar is dual density, it has a soft foam against the foot for cushioning and comfort and also a firmer density foam support which helps more useful for motion control.

    Heel and forefoot – There is a special compound in the heel and forefoot called N-ergy which provides advanced shock absorption and cushioning. This will be helpful for anyone who runs long distances and for heavy runners. There’s also a special stable medial support system which helps the transition from landing on the heel to the toe off.

    Midsole – The entire midsole is made of a material called Absorb FL which as it’s name suggests helps in the absorption of any surface you’re running on. There’s a further board in the shoe made of lightweight material to further aid in the shock absorption. These are technological advances which enhance the shoe. As with all running shoes there’s an insert for all day comfort on any type of run.

    Outsole – The outsole is blown rubber and is very light, flexible and gives cushioning. There is an arch support which provides rigidity to prevent mid foot flex and further makes the shoe motion control in nature. The outsole has a Ndurance rubber compound for maximum durability and grip as you run. This is designed to make the shoe last no matter what sort of runs you do.


    The New Balance 1226 is an accomplished shoe with many of the technologies of today which makes them easier to run in. You’ll find you can run further and faster with less effort. The shoe can take all kinds of runs from a warm up lap to a marathon. The recommendation for the runners that those shoes suit (flat feet, heavy runners, overpronators and low arches) is a valid one and if that’s you you’ll find the New Balance 1226 running shoes a joy to run in.

    Click here for the New Balance 1226 running shoes at the best price we’ve seen!

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    This website falls into this scope where the author is compensated if the visitor chooses to buy a product or service after clicking a link on this website taking them to that product or service’s website.

    The owners and authors of this website are happy to follow these guidelines and the spirit in which these guidelines were formulated. More information can be found at the FTC website.

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