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    Asics Gel Blur33 Running Shoes Review

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    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – Gel Blur33
    • Type – Stability
    • Weight – 280 grams (9.88 oz)
    • Price – $85.00
    • Feet – Normal
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    Asics Gel Blur33

    About Asics

    Asics have been making running shoes for many years. They pride themselves on providing the latest technologies in these shoes to help you run better and further. They have a massive research and development facility to help them succeed in this regard. It’s perhaps for these reasons that Asics are now the leading brand when it comes to sales of running shoes. They even advertise their running shoes on television.

    Asics Gel Blur33 Review

    The Asics Gel Blur33 are a new range of running shoes so there are no predecessors to look at for comparison. These are an attempt by Asics to get into the minimalist running shoes market. Minimalist running shoes are designed to feel like you have no running shoes on when you’re running. This is a new trend and some people are finding success with running in this way. Hence the Gel Blur33 are very lightweight shoes and look a bit like the Nike Free’s which are also minimalist running shoes.

    Upper – The upper is an open mesh design combined with skin suede. The open mesh allows air to circulate around the feet so there is less heat irritation. There is no stitching around the upper which makes it cause far less irritation to the foot unlike some other running shoes. As with most Asics shoes there is all round reflectivity so you can be easily seen for safety what ever time of day your running.

    Heel and Forefoot – In the men’s blur33 which is what this review is based on there is rearfoot gel cushioning. This is Asics flagship technology and they try to get it into their running shoes when ever they can. This helps promote a natural foot movement starting from the heel landing all the way to the toe off. The heel has durable rubber at it’s base because it’s an area that get’s highly worn so the shoe is designed to last.

    Midsole – There is a California slip lasting which is stitched around a canvas and directly attached to the midsole. The midsole is made by another material Asics are proud of called Solyte. This is lighter than EVA which is the normal material you would find. The midsole provides cushioning and durability on top of the rearfoot gel packs.

    Outsole – The outsole has multiple grooves to help flexibility and encourage foot rotation as you run. The sole has been made with traction in mind so you can run on many surfaces and still be confident you’ll stay upright. The sole is durable to help the shoe last many miles you want to run in it. The heel has special high abrasion rubber because this is an area that needs particular durability.

    Asics Gel Blur33 Conclusion

    Asics were always going to enter the minimalist running shoes market, it was only a matter of time that the leading brand would make a pair. They’ve used their technology they have for their running and made a good all round shoe. The price point is very good and Asics themselves say that the shoe could be used for any purpose where upper comfort is wanted. They come in bright colors which is the fashion at the moment and you have overall a pretty good shoe that deserves trying if you like this type.

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