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    Asics Gel Trail Attack 7 Trail Running Shoes Review

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    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – Gel Trail Attack 7
    • Type – Cushioned
    • Weight – 312 grams (11.7 oz)
    • Price – $85
    • Feet – Normal or high arches
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    Asics Gel Trail Attack 7

    About Asics

    Asics have been making running shoes and apparel for many years. Over this time they’ve invested a lot of time and money into improving their products. They do this by having a massive research and development facility that houses nearly 200 staff. This means they now have running shoes that are at their peak for technology and design. It’s for this reason they’ve grown to become the brand leader when it comes to sales of running shoes.

    Asics Gel Trail Attack 7 Review

    The Asics Gel Trail Attack 7 are the follow on model from the Attack 6. If you’ve had success with the Attack 6′s then the new model should work for you too. They are an upgrade or improvement. Every new technology Asics have developed since the previous model came out have been applied to the new model. These shoes are good for a range of runners. Those who pronate normally like most of us or those who underpronate can use these shoes successfully on their runs.

    Upper – Like most Asics shoes and good running shoes these have reflective elements over the upper to make sure you can be seen in low light conditions. The tongue while being padded is anti gravel so it prevents any unwanted debris from entering the shoe. As you can see in the picture the upper is open mesh which helps comfort and provides breathability which is a benefit in hot weather.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel and forefoot is where Asics put their Gel technology. This is used in most of their running shoes and why most of these shoes start with Gel when it comes to their model number. In the Gel Trail Attack 7′s the Gel packs can be found in the rearfoot. These will cushion the heel as you run which is a part of the foot that takes the most punishment, therefore cushioning is vital in this area.

    Midsole – The midsole forms an important part of the shoe as it connects the upper to the sole unit. It has to provide cushioning in addition to the Gel packs. The midsole must be durable and at the same time be flexible to allow your feet to rotate naturally as you run. This is natures own shock absorber and the midsole encourages this to occur. The midsole is a 45 degree SpEVA material for a soft platform feel.

    Outsole – The sole has to be specifically designed for a shoe when it comes to trail running. You have to think about the terrain you’ll be running on and the difficulties you’ll encounter on this terrain. This is why a rock protection plate is built in which prevents your feet from coming to any harm from stones and the like on the terrain. The outsole has reverse lugs to give you grip on the wet and dry and if you’re going up or downhill.

    Asics Gel Trail Attack 7 Conclusion

    The Asics Gel Trail Attack 7 are great value running shoes. For the price you get a lot of the latest Asics technology that help and enhance your runs. It’s also designed for trail running so if you find yourself on different kinds of terrain then these shoes will help. They are designed to be very comfortable and cushioned so any surface will feel good in these shoes. Overall these Asics Gel Trail Attack 7′s are very good value shoes that are recommended especially if this is your upper price range.

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