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    Asics Gel Trail Sensor 4 Trail Running Shoes Review

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    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – Gel Trail Sensor 4
    • Type – Stability
    • Weight – 343 grams (12.1 oz)
    • Price – $110
    • Feet – All
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    Asics Gel Trail Sensor 4

    About Asics

    Asics make all kinds of apparel for all kinds of sports. They’ve been doing this for years and have become recently well known and popular for their running shoes. They even have a TV advertisement on a major channel highlighting their innovative running shoes. They invest a lot in making them innovative as they have a 200 staff strong research and development facility. This helps make their running shoes technologically advanced and as popular as ever.

    Asics Gel Trail Sensor 4 Review

    The Asics Gel Trail Sensor 4 are the follow on shoes from the Sensor 3′s. If you’ve had success with the 3′s then this latest model will be good for you too. It’s made to be similar but with the latest advancements Asics have developed for their shoes. The shoe is for trail running over all kinds of terrains. It’s good for runners who pronate in any way. So if you under, over or pronate neutrally then this shoe is good for you. It’s Asics’ flagship trail running shoe.

    Upper – The upper is mesh with synthetic overlays. This gives superior fit and support and helps the foot breathe which is needed in hot weather. The lacing is an asymmetrical design which improves fit and reduces potential irritation on the top of the feet. There is an Inner Lock Lacking System which are asymmetrical straps that wrap and secure the foot so it stays put on whatever terrain you’re running on.

    Heel and Forefoot – There is an innovative Heel Clutching System which is an exoskeletal heel counter that keeps the heel secure and improves the fit. The Gel cushioning system that Asics have become so popular for can be found on these Sensor 4′s. They are in both the forefoot and rearfoot. In the rearfoot they provide a soft landing for the heel. The energy is then returned in the forefoot for a good propulsive toe off.

    Midsole – The midsole takes the brunt of the punishment as you run especially on uneven terrain. Apart from the sole unit the midsole needs to be sturdy and yet flexible. As such the midsole contains a Trail Sensor System which is why they call it the Sensor 4. This system enables parts of the midsole to decouple to give you greater traction especially on uneven terrain. A Solyte material in the midsole is lighter than standard SPEVA which keeps the weight of the shoe down.

    Outsole – The outsole has been designed especially for trail running. It has reversed lugs which provide traction whether you are going uphill or downhill in all kinds of terrain. There is a rock protection plate which helps prevent any bruising from landing on any stones found on your trail. There is a Trusstic System in the middle of the outsole, this reduces the weight of the sole while still maintaining the structural integrity of the shoe.

    Asics Gel Trail Sensor 4 Conclusion

    The Asics Gel Trail Sensor 4′s have all the latest technologies that Asics have come up with in them. They are Asics most advanced trail running shoe. They are reasonably priced as such because you can pay more still for running shoes. If you are trail running these shoes have technology that is vital like the stone protection plate and the special gripping sole for running up and down hill. What’s more these will work with any foot type so the Sensor 4′s are popular and well recommended.

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