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    Asics GT 2160 Trail Running Shoes Review

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    • Brand – Asics
    • Model – GT 2160 Trail
    • Type – Motion Control
    • Weight – 335 grams (11.8 oz)
    • Price – $100
    • Feet – Normal or low arches
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    Asics GT 2160 Trail

    About Asics

    Asics have been in the sports apparel and shoe business for many years. Over that time they’ve now become the brand leader in the sales of running shoes. They have the highest percentage share of the market. They’ve managed this with good shoes and word of mouth. Their shoes contain all the latest technological advancements helping you run further for longer and with less effort. They have a research facility that produces these advancements.

    Asics GT 2160 Trail Review

    The Asics GT2160 are the follow on model from the 2150′s so if they worked for you then the chances are these will be good for you too. They’re designed for trail running on all kinds of terrains but can be used anywhere really. These are for runners who neutrally pronate or overpronate. Overpronation is where the foot excessively rotates during the running stride. Most runners will pronate neutrally so this shoe is good for most runners.

    Upper – The upper has 3M reflectivity elements over it so you can be seen in low light conditions. The upper is a mesh and synthetic overlay. This means your feet can breathe in hot weather and you get a comfortable fit and support. The sockliner is comfortable, will stay dry and has anti bacterial qualities to help the shoe last longer. The sole bed is removable if you wanted to put an medical orthotic insole there.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel is designed to give a close personalized fit. It does this by having 2 layers of memory foam around the collar that mold to your heel. This will help prevent any unnecessary movement of your feet in the shoe as you run. The rearfoot and forefoot is where the innovative Asics Gel packs can be found. These give you superior cushioning as you run. The rearfoot gives you a soft landing while the forefoot gives a helpful push for the toe off.

    Midsole – The midsole is between the sole unit and the upper so it has to give you stability, cushioning and support as you run. It’s made of a material Asics have called Solyte and this is lighter and more durable than standard EPA which would be in its place on other shoes. The midsole is Duomax which is a dual density layer which is specially positioned to provide support and stability as you run.

    Outsole – The outsole has been engineered for trail running. It has reversed lugs and these give you traction that you need on different kinds of terrain whether you’re going uphill or downhill as well as on the flat. The heel is made of Asics High Abrasion Rubber which is a tough compound especially needed in this area if the sole. In the middle is a Space Trusstic System. This reduces the weight of the sole unit while allowing the midsole above it to deform correctly.

    Asics GT 2160 Trail Conclusion

    The Asics GT 2160 Trail are good value feature packed trail running shoes. They have all the latest technologies Asics have researched for their running shoes to date. They’re particularly engineered and built for trail running and the tough terrain you may be on. If you have a bit more money then we would advise the Gel Train Sensor 4′s would be a better bet but for trail shoes in themselves and this is your upper spending limit then you would be very happy with these GT 2160 Trail’s.

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