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    Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees

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    Bad knees can be a real burden on someone who wants to run or already does. You want to start or continue your running and maybe improve but your bad knees are holding you back. The trouble is you don’t fully know when they’re going to heal. So you could be out of action for weeks maybe months. So a lot of us will just run while our knees are bad. So here we’ve decided to show you the best running shoes for bad knees.

    What causes bad knees

    knee jointThere can be a variety of causes to bad knees and sometimes these can’t be fully identified in order to know how to correct them. Normally time is the healer but you can only wait so long and if the knees aren’t too bad you’ll go out and run anyway. Some of the causes of bad knees are running if you’re slightly overweight. This happens especially if you cover a lot of mileage. This is often accompanied with shin splints.

    Your knee may have a congenital defect that makes them prone to injuries or slightly weak. The knee is a vital joint when you run and when you land on the heel your knee takes a lot of punishment. There are all kinds of ligaments in the knee including the vital cruciate ligaments which cross over to enable both the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) to properly interact with each other. So there are a lot of possibilities for bad knees to arise.

    What happens when you run without the correct running shoes

    knee pain when runningRunning without the correct or best running shoes can affect your feet, legs and back in a negative way. The knees take their fair share of the strain too. Running without the correct running shoes will prevent you running as far, as quick and as easy. Your existing shoes will tire you out and limit your enjoyment of running. With the heel strike as you run your ankles as well as your knees will feel the brute force of the running surface.

    If your running on a hard surface your shoes will not properly support and protect your knees and joints. Your foot needs to pronate correctly which is the rotation of the foot from the heel strike to the toe off. This rotation is natural but it can rotate too little or too far. Both have negative consequences on the knees and not having the correct running shoes can cause this incorrect pronation.

    How the correct running shoes will help

    correct running shoesThe correct running shoes will enable your foot to pronate correctly as you run. Running shoes have gone through years of research to enable them to do a better job of supporting your body and knees as you run. They have the latest designs, technologies and materials to help and assist your running. The load on your knees are greatly reduced by an enormous extent by having the correct running shoes.

    Having the correct running shoes will really make a massive difference to your progress and enjoyment of running. This is especially noticeable in long distances which those with bad knees often shy away from. The best and correct running shoes will prevent any unnatural twisting action of the knees which the wrong shoes can often cause. The best running shoes will produce a natural running motion.

    With bad knees you need cushioned running shoes

    bad knees need cushioned running shoesOk, so the very fact that they’re called cushioned running shoes is an obvious indication of why they help with bad knees, but they do a lot more than just cushion each stride. The sole is more flexible and has slightly more width, this encourages pronation which is the body’s natural shock absorber. Combine this with the extra cushioned sole and your knees will suffer far less shock and strain.

    Running with cushioned running shoes with bad knees may actually enable the injury to heal if you’re only running short distances. Of course it’s difficult to tell without knowing the injury and other factors like your weight which could come into play. Whatever you do, having the correct running shoes is essential if you insist on running with bad knees. So choose the best cushioned running shoes and you can’t go wrong.

    Choosing the best cushioned running shoes

    best cushioned running shoesThe best cushioned running shoes don’t have to cost the earth. You can get good cushioned running shoes from $40 to $140 and more. Of course if you’re covering a lot of miles and you have bad knees we would advise you get more expensive, better running shoes. However for the average runner with bad knees the fact that you’ll be running with cushioned shoes will make all the difference.

    We could list here all the current best running shoes for bad knees but running shoes get updated every six or so months. New models come out and our list would be out of date. So what we’ll do is provide a link to Zappos below that has the best selection of the cushioned running shoes and the link will take you directly to the correct page so you can choose the best ones for you.

    Click Here for Cushioned Running Shoes

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