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    Brooks Ghost 4 Running Shoes Review

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    • Brand – Brooks
    • Model – Ghost 4
    • Type – Cushioned
    • Weight – 320 grams (11.3 oz)
    • Price – $100.00
    • Feet – Normal arches
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    Brooks Ghost 4

    About Brooks

    Brooks is a worldwide manufacturer of running shoes, apparel and accessories and sell to over 40 countries. They are one of the leading sellers of running shoes just behind Asics at the time of writing so your choice between the two is often just a personal one. There are many technologies both the manufacturers use to enhance their running shoes’ performance. Brooks are proud to make their shoes for every type of runner and that means young or old to fast or slow.

    Brooks Ghost 4 Review

    The Brooks Ghost 4 are the follow on from the Ghost 3 with improvements being made as new technologies become known from the research and development that Brooks do. If you’ve had success with the Ghost 3′s then these should be good for you too. They are cushioned or neutral running shoes and that means they will work best for those with a normal height foot arch. They are shaped in such a way that will help these runners get the most from the running they do including with fewer aches and pains after a long run.

    Upper – The upper is a moisture managing element mesh which you can see in the picture and is a popular outer covering for all quality running shoes. It offers weather protection in a superior fabric that doesn’t sacrifice breathability which is needed especially in longer runs. There is a profile sockliner attached to the upper for a greater fit and comfort. The lining of the upper inside the shoe has similar moisture managing material as the outside.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel contains a new technology called the Heel Caterpillar Tech. This is a crash pad that’s needed where there is maximum impact and it helps distribute the shock while the midsole cushions it successfully. The forefoot has a crush pod configuration. This helps ensure that the foot is aligned through your gait cycle which gives a good toe off as the stride begins when you run.

    Midsole – The midsole has a technology Brooks have called BioMoGo and this provides the long lasting cushioning required in your run that we talked about earlier. It’s also environmentally friendly which is demanded more and more these days. Further cushioning called Brooks Anatomical DNA which responds to every step by dispersing impact and providing comfort and protection on whatever surface you maybe running on.

    Outsole – The outsole is designed to take the impact of your running but to also deliver flexibility that your stride needs. The outsole is made of blown rubber like all running shoes but Brooks have added some further enhancements. The blown rubber compound is HPR Plus which is more abrasion resistant so it will wear longer. The configuration of the outsole works with the midsole to help it deliver superior cushioning.

    Brooks Ghost 4 Conclusion

    Brooks have only just released the Ghost 4 so it is one of the most technologically advanced running shoes on the market today. It has received glowing reviews that you’ll find across the web including that from Runner’s World which is the most popular running magazine. They deemed it the editor’s choice in a fall 2011 shoe guide. This is high praise indeed and at the price it’s a little less than some other high end running shoes making the Brooks Ghost 4 a very popular shoe worthy of consideration.

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