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  • May

    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – WR1012 (women’s), MR1012 (men’s)
    • Type – Motion control
    • Weight – 323 grams (11.4 oz)
    • Price – $134.99
    • Feet – Normal or low arches
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    new balance 1012

    About New Balance

    New balance are one of the premier US running shoe makers. In fact they are the only running shoe makers in the USA and they are a popular running shoe brand. They’ve been making running shoes for many years and have a large number of customers who stay loyal to the brand. They use the latest technologies and designs in their shoes which means they’re used by athletes in both training and competition to give them an edge in performance. They are loaded with innovative features to help in this regard. They have their own materials they’ve named which help their users get their best times and achievements they can.

    New Balance 1012 Review

    The New Balance 1012 running shoes are aimed at the higher end of the market. They are premium running shoes for runners who know what they need in running shoes. They’re made for overpronators. These runners tend to have low arches or flat feet. In any case they overpronate which means they’re feet over rotate in the landing and take off phase of their running. This can cause injuries if not corrected which is where these shoes come in. They correct this problem and include additional support and stability that a runner like this needs.

    Upper – The upper is an open mesh and synthetic upper. These provide breathability with comfort and fit. This is exactly what’s needed in hot weather as you’re feet begin to feel the heat. For safety reasons there are 360 degree reflectivity in the upper of the shoes that will help you be seen in lower light condition and the dark. The collar fabrication is designed for special moisture transfer.

    Heel and Forefoot – There is a special lightweight structured arch support which extends into the medial heel and provides superior midfoot support that helps the rearfoot too. There is an Abzorb full strobel board that provides cushioning and compression in both the heel and forefoot. This gives that cushioning feeling as you run which everyone recognizes in new running shoes.

    Midsole – There is a unique technology called Acteva which is part of the midsole that increases the resistance to the compression you feel as the heel lands. The midsole is one of the most important parts of the shoe as it forms the material between the upper and the sole unit. New Balance as well as other running shoe brands place a lot of importance as to it’s structure and make and New Balance take great care in this part of the shoe.

    Outsole – New Balance don’t forget the technology when it comes to the outsole unit which is made of a material they call Ndurance which gives maximum durability in areas of the shoe that can be hard wearing. The outsole grip is designed to give you traction and comfort as you run. It needs to be flexible to allow the shoe to flex during pronation but tough enough to take the pounding on whatever surface you choose to run on.

    New Balance 1012 Conclusion

    The New Balance 1012′s are one of the best pairs of shoes that New Balance make. If you’re looking for motion control running shoes and your budget goes to $135 then these will make a great investment. Good running shoes are important especially if you overpronate or have flat feet. You need shoes that are designed for your feet and running action and these tick all the boxes. The great range of technology within means that your running will be more successful and therefore more enjoyable as a result of these shoes.

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  • Apr
    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – WR860 (women’s), MR860 (men’s)
    • Type – Stability
    • Weight – 335 grams (11.8 oz)
    • Price – $99.99
    • Feet – Normal or low arches
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    New Balance 860

    About New Balance

    New Balance have been making sports shoes and apparel for many years. They are one of the few brands who still make their products in the USA instead of outsourcing to Asia. For this reason their customers stay loyal to the New Balance brand. With their running shoes they use the latest technologies that help your running performance. Their running shoes are full of new materials and other features all designed to help you run that little bit better, further and for longer.

    New Balance 860 Review

    The New Balance 860 running shoes are the follow on model of the 760′s. If you’ve had success with the 760′s then these new 860′s should be good for you too. All brands release new models of their shoes as they discover new technologies and materials which make the old model obsolete. The 860 running shoes are good for normal runners or those that overpronate which is a very wide spectrum of people who these shoes will suit.

    Upper – The upper has an open mesh and synthetic design to help your feet breathe in the hot weather and provide comfort and support. The tongue and collar are lightly padded as you’d expect for comfort as you run. The insole is made of a special cushioning material called Abzorb which gives you a cushioned run and is removable if you have your own medical orthotic and wish to use that.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel has N-Ergy technology which provides superior cushioning and shock absorbing in an area of the shoe that takes most of the punishment from running. The forefoot has flex grooves which allow you to run in a more natural motion by aligning the foot in the correct position as you stride. There’s also impact protection in the forefoot as it contains the cushioning Abzorb material too.

    Midsole – Running the full length of the midsole there is what’s called an Abzorb Strobel Board. This is designed to give you maximum shock absorption as you run. The midsole itself is made of Acteva Light which is used in place of EVA like other running shoes. This provides the best resistance to the compression that the midsole must undertake and is lighter than the standard material. As with other shoes that prevent overpronation there is a dual density medial post to help discourage foot over rotation.

    Outsole – The outsole is made of a rubber compound New Balance calls Ndurance. This helps with traction on any running surface yet is still flexible to allow the foot to rotate normally as you run. As well as the rubber compound the sole print itself has had it’s own design which is slightly thicker in hard wearing areas and will also help guide your stride in the correct motion.

    New Balance 860 Conclusion

    The New Balance 860′s are New Balance’s answer to a good, advanced running shoe. You can get more expensive running shoes but unless you’re approaching the standard of a professional athlete you don’t really need those. So these shoes at $105 are in the higher range but are feature packed and will enhance your runs. If your running action us neutral (normal) or you slightly overpronate then these 860′s are ideal.

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  • Feb
    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – MR890
    • Type – Cushioned/Neutral
    • Weight – 273 grams (9.6 oz)
    • Price – $99.99
    • Feet – Normal or high arches
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    New Balance 890

    About New Balance

    New Balance have been making apparel and running shoes for many years. Over this time they’ve managed to stay at the forefront of technology and design. For this reason they’re fast growing in popularity for their running shoes and have many who customers are very loyal to the brand. New Balance today remain the only athletic shoe manufacturer to be still be making shoes in the US and for that reason alone they deserve some support.

    New Balance 890 Review

    Barefoot running which means running in minimalist running shoes to mimic running barefoot is growing in popularity in a big way. As runners discover the benefits of this style of running more and more people have started doing it. Special barefoot running shoes are made by most of the manufacturers today. The New Balance 890 is a nod to the barefoot running craze. It takes a lot of features of barefoot running shoes and puts it into a normal running shoe. It’s a lot lighter than normal but is still well cushioned and offers support.

    Upper – The upper is covered in synthetic mesh which provides comfort and support and allows your feet to breathe in hot weather and keeps moisture out. The laces are flat and soft and slide through special flat lacing holes. These lock the laces in place preventing the shoes coming undone through your run and preventing any discomfort from the laces on the top of your feet. The seams are welded which is an improvement on sewing of inferior running shoes.

    Heel and Forefoot – There is a special “Abzorb” Strobel Board that runs from the heel all the way to the forefoot. This maximizes shock absorption and comfort. It is important for the heel landing to be as cushioned as possible in a neutral shoe and the 890′s have managed this while still preserving the lightness of the shoe. The forefoot provides further cushioning to give the toe off an extra push for the momentum you need for that part of the stride.

    Midsole – The midsole is where the new lightweight technology has been introduced. It’s called Revlite. This material provides the maximum responsiveness and durability but is 30% lighter than most foams that would go in it’s place. The cushioning continues in the insert which is made of further absorbing material which is removable, full length and provides added comfort. Running on this light shoe is designed alleviate an underpronator which high arched runners tend to be. It’s also suitable for normal arched runners who want superior cushioning.

    Outsole – The outsole has a unique diamond motif which helps grip and in the transition of the foot as you run. The outsole is made of blown rubber and the forefoot portion has been designed for extra cushioning. The compound used is called Ndurance and will help the sole last while still being flexible. You get maximum durability in the sole while still giving you great traction and cushioning.

    New Balance 890 Conclusion

    The New Balance 890 is the lightest trainer that New Balance make. It’s a nod to the barefoot running craze and that’s why it’s so light. This craze has really helped runners and that is why the 890 has been designed this way. The price is what you’d expect to pay these days for quality running shoes and that’s what you need running at any level. So if you have normal to high arches and you want a particularly cushioned running shoe then the New balance 890 could be ideal for you.

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  • Feb
    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – WW1100
    • Type – Wellness
    • Weight – 246 grams (8.6 oz)
    • Price – $59.99
    • Foot – All
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    New Balance WW1100

    About New Balance

    New Balance has been making apparel and sports shoes for over 30 years. Over this time they’ve stayed at the forefront of sports shoe technology and design. Today they’ve become one of the leaders globally when it comes to their shoes. They are proud of their brand and believe they make superior footwear for men and women. They make all kinds of shoes for every sport you can think of and they’ve become known and popular among people in many sports and hobbies.

    New Balance WW1100 Review

    The New Balance WW1100 are called wellness shoes and they’ve been specially created for women. They have been designed to strengthen and tone the legs, thighs and buttocks. They will also make you burn more calories just by going about your day while wearing these shoes. This is something that will be prized by those who want to lose weight and get some shape in the legs and buttocks.

    These wellness shoes work to such an extent that research has been done to figure out just how much better these shoes are compared to normal walking shoes at working the body and here are the results:

    • up to 10% increased calorie burning
    • up to 29% increased quad muscle activation
    • up to 16% increased glute muscle activation
    • up to 16% increased hamstring muscle activation
    • up to 14% increased calf muscle activation

    As you can see these shoes really work the muscles in the legs and buttocks as well as burning calories. These is even evidence there that it works the calf muscles. All of this activation as it puts it above is the improvement and toning of those particular muscles and toning of those areas of the body.

    Upper – The upper is synthetic and mesh and will provide the utmost support and comfort. There is a liner of the shoe that you can barely see that provides further comfort as you walk around. The shoe is available in a variety of colors all of which can be seen at the other end of the links above and below.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel and forefoot provide stability for the shoe. There is a special foam insert that will spread the pressure of the ground as you walk. It gives that bounce back feeling with every stride. The foam also conforms to the foot so it will mold around you and feel snug and comfortable.

    Midsole – There is some technology used in the midsole called Acteva Ultralite. This is a very lightweight midsole that provides the ideal resistance to compression. This technology is so lightweight that it is 32% lighter than standard foam midsoles.

    Outsole – The outsole has special Ndurance compound rubber to provide good traction and durability in high wear areas. The outsole as they all are whatever sports shoe you buy is made of blown rubber which is the perfect material to use as it lasts long while being soft to walk on.

    New Balance WW1100 Conclusion

    The New Balance WW1100 is a unique shoe. There are hardly any around that will give you a workout just by wearing them and going about your day to day business. They’ve been design to do this and still be comfortable to wear and walk in.

    There are other shoes that do this but they’re made for running in. These are the only ones aimed towards women and are designed for walking and everyday use. We say go for these if you want to lose weight or if you want to get some toning and shape in the problem areas like the legs, buttocks, thighs and core.

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  • Feb

    New Balance 1226

    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – MR1226 (men), WR1226 (women)
    • Type – Motion control
    • Weight – 362 grams (12.7 oz)
    • Price – $139.95
    • StoreClick here

    About New Balance

    New Balance have been making running shoes since the 1970′s. Running shoes were relatively new to the market then but soon grew in popularity. Over the years technology and design based on podiatrists research and fitness have advanced the running shoe greatly. New Balance has stayed at the forefront of this technology and make their running shoes with all the latest features that support and enhance your feet while running. This is true of the New Balance 1226.

    New Balance 1226 Review

    Previous models of the 1226 leaned more to the stability kind of running shoe but this is different for this latest model. This one is a motion control shoe and the reason is that the shoe is firmer and slightly heavier than the previous model. When a shoe is like this it favors people who have flat feet or overpronate because they need a shoe which eases the over rotation that their foot has naturally in their running.

    Upper – The upper is mesh and synthetic for lightweight support. This will also allow your feet to breathe so any moisture from running will dissipate and you’ll feel more comfortable. The collar is dual density, it has a soft foam against the foot for cushioning and comfort and also a firmer density foam support which helps more useful for motion control.

    Heel and forefoot – There is a special compound in the heel and forefoot called N-ergy which provides advanced shock absorption and cushioning. This will be helpful for anyone who runs long distances and for heavy runners. There’s also a special stable medial support system which helps the transition from landing on the heel to the toe off.

    Midsole – The entire midsole is made of a material called Absorb FL which as it’s name suggests helps in the absorption of any surface you’re running on. There’s a further board in the shoe made of lightweight material to further aid in the shock absorption. These are technological advances which enhance the shoe. As with all running shoes there’s an insert for all day comfort on any type of run.

    Outsole – The outsole is blown rubber and is very light, flexible and gives cushioning. There is an arch support which provides rigidity to prevent mid foot flex and further makes the shoe motion control in nature. The outsole has a Ndurance rubber compound for maximum durability and grip as you run. This is designed to make the shoe last no matter what sort of runs you do.


    The New Balance 1226 is an accomplished shoe with many of the technologies of today which makes them easier to run in. You’ll find you can run further and faster with less effort. The shoe can take all kinds of runs from a warm up lap to a marathon. The recommendation for the runners that those shoes suit (flat feet, heavy runners, overpronators and low arches) is a valid one and if that’s you you’ll find the New Balance 1226 running shoes a joy to run in.

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