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    New Balance 1012 Running Shoes Review

    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – WR1012 (women’s), MR1012 (men’s)
    • Type – Motion control
    • Weight – 323 grams (11.4 oz)
    • Price – $134.99
    • Feet – Normal or low arches
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    new balance 1012

    About New Balance

    New balance are one of the premier US running shoe makers. In fact they are the only running shoe makers in the USA and they are a popular running shoe brand. They’ve been making running shoes for many years and have a large number of customers who stay loyal to the brand. They use the latest technologies and designs in their shoes which means they’re used by athletes in both training and competition to give them an edge in performance. They are loaded with innovative features to help in this regard. They have their own materials they’ve named which help their users get their best times and achievements they can.

    New Balance 1012 Review

    The New Balance 1012 running shoes are aimed at the higher end of the market. They are premium running shoes for runners who know what they need in running shoes. They’re made for overpronators. These runners tend to have low arches or flat feet. In any case they overpronate which means they’re feet over rotate in the landing and take off phase of their running. This can cause injuries if not corrected which is where these shoes come in. They correct this problem and include additional support and stability that a runner like this needs.

    Upper – The upper is an open mesh and synthetic upper. These provide breathability with comfort and fit. This is exactly what’s needed in hot weather as you’re feet begin to feel the heat. For safety reasons there are 360 degree reflectivity in the upper of the shoes that will help you be seen in lower light condition and the dark. The collar fabrication is designed for special moisture transfer.

    Heel and Forefoot – There is a special lightweight structured arch support which extends into the medial heel and provides superior midfoot support that helps the rearfoot too. There is an Abzorb full strobel board that provides cushioning and compression in both the heel and forefoot. This gives that cushioning feeling as you run which everyone recognizes in new running shoes.

    Midsole – There is a unique technology called Acteva which is part of the midsole that increases the resistance to the compression you feel as the heel lands. The midsole is one of the most important parts of the shoe as it forms the material between the upper and the sole unit. New Balance as well as other running shoe brands place a lot of importance as to it’s structure and make and New Balance take great care in this part of the shoe.

    Outsole – New Balance don’t forget the technology when it comes to the outsole unit which is made of a material they call Ndurance which gives maximum durability in areas of the shoe that can be hard wearing. The outsole grip is designed to give you traction and comfort as you run. It needs to be flexible to allow the shoe to flex during pronation but tough enough to take the pounding on whatever surface you choose to run on.

    New Balance 1012 Conclusion

    The New Balance 1012′s are one of the best pairs of shoes that New Balance make. If you’re looking for motion control running shoes and your budget goes to $135 then these will make a great investment. Good running shoes are important especially if you overpronate or have flat feet. You need shoes that are designed for your feet and running action and these tick all the boxes. The great range of technology within means that your running will be more successful and therefore more enjoyable as a result of these shoes.

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