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    New Balance 860 Running Shoes Review

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    • Brand – New Balance
    • Model – WR860 (women’s), MR860 (men’s)
    • Type – Stability
    • Weight – 335 grams (11.8 oz)
    • Price – $99.99
    • Feet – Normal or low arches
    • StoreClick here
    New Balance 860

    About New Balance

    New Balance have been making sports shoes and apparel for many years. They are one of the few brands who still make their products in the USA instead of outsourcing to Asia. For this reason their customers stay loyal to the New Balance brand. With their running shoes they use the latest technologies that help your running performance. Their running shoes are full of new materials and other features all designed to help you run that little bit better, further and for longer.

    New Balance 860 Review

    The New Balance 860 running shoes are the follow on model of the 760′s. If you’ve had success with the 760′s then these new 860′s should be good for you too. All brands release new models of their shoes as they discover new technologies and materials which make the old model obsolete. The 860 running shoes are good for normal runners or those that overpronate which is a very wide spectrum of people who these shoes will suit.

    Upper – The upper has an open mesh and synthetic design to help your feet breathe in the hot weather and provide comfort and support. The tongue and collar are lightly padded as you’d expect for comfort as you run. The insole is made of a special cushioning material called Abzorb which gives you a cushioned run and is removable if you have your own medical orthotic and wish to use that.

    Heel and Forefoot – The heel has N-Ergy technology which provides superior cushioning and shock absorbing in an area of the shoe that takes most of the punishment from running. The forefoot has flex grooves which allow you to run in a more natural motion by aligning the foot in the correct position as you stride. There’s also impact protection in the forefoot as it contains the cushioning Abzorb material too.

    Midsole – Running the full length of the midsole there is what’s called an Abzorb Strobel Board. This is designed to give you maximum shock absorption as you run. The midsole itself is made of Acteva Light which is used in place of EVA like other running shoes. This provides the best resistance to the compression that the midsole must undertake and is lighter than the standard material. As with other shoes that prevent overpronation there is a dual density medial post to help discourage foot over rotation.

    Outsole – The outsole is made of a rubber compound New Balance calls Ndurance. This helps with traction on any running surface yet is still flexible to allow the foot to rotate normally as you run. As well as the rubber compound the sole print itself has had it’s own design which is slightly thicker in hard wearing areas and will also help guide your stride in the correct motion.

    New Balance 860 Conclusion

    The New Balance 860′s are New Balance’s answer to a good, advanced running shoe. You can get more expensive running shoes but unless you’re approaching the standard of a professional athlete you don’t really need those. So these shoes at $105 are in the higher range but are feature packed and will enhance your runs. If your running action us neutral (normal) or you slightly overpronate then these 860′s are ideal.

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