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    The Best Off Road Running Shoes

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    There’s nothing better than off road running. Running in the fresh air amongst nature on a trail or path is one of the great thing about running that only off road runners can appreciate. Running on streets unfortunately is something many have to do who live in built up areas with no green anywhere near. Off road runners need particular running shoes due to the obstacles you’ll come across while off road running.

    off road running

    The differences for off road running

    Like we said there are obstacles you come across while off road running and we don’t mean the occasional animal. Running off road you’ll often be running on a path. That path may be made of various substances. Whether it’s concreted is easy to run on and prevents no obstacle apart from it’s a very hard surface. You’ll often have paths made in such a way that you’ll have small stones on the edges and within the path that you may land on.

    Landing on small stones can give you bruises in your feet and if they’re large enough (the stones that is) then they can cause you to land in a less than solid way and make you twist your ankle. Off road running will often involve different gradients. Combine this with a less than stable path and you find you need particular running shoes that can deal with these problems.

    What the off road runner needs in a shoe

    We’ve identified the problems the off road runner will encounter on their route and we need a shoe that can deal with them. There are soles some off road running shoes have that can deal with small stones and the like you may land on when you run. The sole comes into play also when you’re dealing with gradients as some soles can have a far more gripping nature to them which is what an off road runner will need.

    A gripping shoe will be needed on wet surfaces as the rain makes grass, certain paths and routes very slippery to run on. It will also help you turn which you do a lot more of when you run off road. Pronation is the rotation of the foot as it lands and then leaves the ground in the toe off. If you pronate incorrectly then ideally the shoe can help take care of that for you of which there are those available.

    off road running

    They need trail running shoes

    The off road running shoes we’re referring to that has the components to correct the obstacles you’ll find while off road running are called trail running shoes. These have been available for a while now and you’ll find they have become more popular as people begin to enjoy running off road even more. This is a good thing because the selection you have is getting greater and greater.

    Asics are a company who make trail running shoes and they have technologies that help you. There’s a rock protection plate for the stones and other debris you may land on which we talked about earlier. The sole has reversed lugs for running up and down hill and the sole has been designed to deal with the most slippery of surfaces you may encounter. They also sell different trail running shoes how ever you pronate.

    How to find good trail running shoes

    Nearly all running shoe manufacturers have made running shoes specifically for off road running or trail running shoes. This includes Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Nike and Adidas. We favor Asics as they’ve gone further than the others when it comes to trail running shoes. They have a wide range which includes shoes for runners who may pronate differently from normal. So for runners who under or overpronate there are running shoes you can buy which sort that problem as well as off road difficulties.

    Good trail running shoes will cost you a lot because they don’t come cheap. But if you’re running off road you must be running quite seriously anyway and running shoes are the only real investment when it comes to your equipment so you should buy a good pair. Expect to pay at least $80 and we’d recommend $100+ just as long as they’re proper trail running shoes with the benefits they contain.

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