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    The Best Running Shoes For Kids

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    If kids are doing any proper running they need proper running shoes. These aren’t for games like basketball or soccer in the school yard these are for particular running when perhaps joining an adult to run in a park or treadmill. Basketball, tennis or soccer need shoes that are designed for a side to side motion. This is something running shoes are not designed for and it requires a particular type of shoe. So proper running needs proper running shoes whether a kid or adult.

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    How much running kids should do

    Even though your child may want to do the same running as their parent kids are still growing and shouldn’t do too much running. Exercise is good for children but they shouldn’t over exert themselves. Something like a marathon is something a child should not do. The body and skeletal structure of a child is not designed to do something so tough and hard. Running with an adult a few miles a day is fine. Running will be done everyday anyway in a school yard normally by active kids.

    We would recommend that a child should do no more than 10 miles in any one go. So if as an adult you go on one long run a week then a child may join you as long as the mileage isn’t too great. However many miles your kid runs, get then to pay attention to their body as they run and after a run. If they can spot any injuries by recognizing aches and pains as they occur then all the better as this is an early warning system that they are over doing it. So kids should only be running on regular shorter distances and avoiding long runs.

    Children need exactly the same shoe support as adults

    Kids are basically small adults that are still growing and maturing. Running, whether you’re an adult or a child involves the same motion and the same stresses on the joints and muscles. Adults are recommended to have shoes that cushion and support the arch and foot as you run. It should have a padded tongue and collar and have a tight heel fit. These are essential as these areas take a lot of punishment as you run and more support is needed.

    Adult shoes are divided into motion control, stability and cushioned/neutral running shoes. A child does not need a specific shoe like this. A child should not be training for long enough where these considerations make a difference. Like we said just proper running shoes are needed. You can get proper running shoes for kids and they have just the right amount technology to provide the support and stability you’d expect in proper running shoes.

    The shoe sizes you should choose for kids

    There are specific youth, child or toddler sizes. They are cheaper and you can only get certain sizes. A toddler will have sizes of around 10 to 12. Youth and or kids sizes will typically be 1 to 7 and adult males are 7 and upwards and adult females will be around 5 and upwards. So you have the sizes given for you. You would hope that your child remains in the youth sizes until they are fully grown so you can keep buying cheaper kids running shoes until they get older.

    If you are a size 7 where you can get either a youth size 7 or an adult size 7 then consider if your child has fully grown. If they have then bite the bullet and get the older more expensive adult version. If they have fully grown then you need to consider getting them adult equipment regardless of how old they are. One advantage of this is they can start running longer distances with adults if they’ve fully grown in a gradual way.

    The brand Asics make a recommended range of kids running shoes

    Asics are a leading brand of running shoes. They’ve grown over the years and now more Asics running shoes are sold than any other brand. The reason is because they make very good shoes. They’ve become the best through word of mouth. They make a kids range of running shoes and we recommend then because they are just like the adult ones but are for kids and are cheaper. They even have the same model names. So if you as a parent run in gel-nimbus 12′s then you can buy the same model for your kids at a cheaper and smaller size.

    Their kids range of shoes don’t have all the technology of the adult equivalent but they have all the gel cushioning and support you need included. We have given you a link to all the kids Asics running shoes available below. These are sold by Zappos who will deliver them free and if you’re unhappy with the fit you can return them for free as well. You can’t go wrong with this store. We have bought from them before and we recommend others to do so too. Finally we hope you enjoy your kids running and the shoes work for them too.

    Click Here for Asics Kids Running Shoes

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