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    The Best Running Shoes For Large Runners

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    Running is a great hobby for anyone for getting fit and healthy and for maintaining a good body weight. This is what makes it so good for larger people. However large runners need a certain type of running shoe. This can lessen any injuries that a larger runner might otherwise sustain because of their size. Here we tell you the best running shoes for large runners and how they can help your running.

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    The advantages of running for a larger runner

    If you are a larger person you want to lose weight. There are many sports you can choose but the one that will burn the most calories is running. Running burns around 100+ calories every 10 minutes. For someone who has a larger mass and has more to carry around with them like a larger runner will be burning more calories than that. Running does not need a partner or team like the sport of tennis or basketball for example. It can be done with any amount of people on on your own.

    When running you have a great sense of freedom. You’re running outside on a park or route you’ve found. You have the open air around you and it is a very healthy exercise to do. If you can get a partner then all the better as you’ll have someone to compete against or someone to encourage you to run that little bit further or harder. Either way fat loss and calorie burning are at their peak during a good run.

    The characteristics of the larger runner and why they need running shoes

    Large runners tend to run a certain way. This is not something they can do anything about without proper equipment to correct the action. Larger runners tend to have flat feet. This is due to their size and how the bulk is distributed through the body. Flat footed runners need proper running shoes to correct the way their flat feet causes them to run. Flat feet tend to cause runners to overpronate.

    Pronation is the rotation of the foot as you run. When you run you land on your heel. The foot then rotates inward towards the ball through to the toe off which is where the foot leaves the ground to perform the next stride. Flat footed runners and larger runners tend to have too much rotation or overpronation. Leaving this uncorrected can lead to overuse injuries that will occur quicker for larger runners. Fortunately there are running shoes that can correct this problem.

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    Large runners need motion control running shoes

    The running shoes that correct the overpronation are called motion control running shoes. These running shoes help prevent the over rotation inherent in your running action. They are slightly firmer and less flexible which means the foot will rotate less towards the correct amount. They still have the cushioning and stability that is required by the larger runner. All running shoes have extra cushioning and promote stability.

    Motion control running shoes will also have what’s called a medial post in the midsole. This also helps promote the correct running action helping the larger runner to have the proper stride and lead to far less injuries such as shin splints and knee tenderness. A running shoes store can actually study your running action to confirm that you over pronate and by how much. This way you know even more specifically which motion control running shoes to get.

    How to choose the right motion control running shoes

    When you think of running there is only one piece of equipment you need to buy. Everything else you run with you’ll probably already have in your closet. Even if you don’t then running tops and shorts or whatever you choose to run in are very cheap. The one piece of equipment you need to spend and invest in are running shoes. For this reason and because proper running shoes make a really big difference we recommend spending towards the high end of what running shoes can cost.

    Running shoes can cost from $60 to $135 for a good pair. For motion control running shoes for the larger runner we recommend you go for a pair that will cost at $100 or more. By going for a higher amount you can be sure it has all the technology available to help your feet be cushioned and the correcting of your running stride. Being a larger runner you really do need proper running shoes for your size and motion control running shoes will have you running better and further in a much easier way. You’ll enjoy your running even more.

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