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    The Best Running Shoes For Marathons

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    A marathon is considered the peak of long distance running. Obviously when you’re marathon running you need proper running shoes not just any old training shoe. The thing is you need to think about the right running shoes for you while training to do the marathon. You need to think about the running shoes you’re going to use for the marathon about 6 months in advance. You don’t want to be changing shoes hours before the main event.

    marathon running

    What makes marathons different from regular running

    A lot of people go running. Whether it’s on a treadmill in a park or some other route it’s a popular sport. Running as a hobby or for fitness means running for a few miles every time you go out for a run. This will usually involve 30 minutes maximum and you’ll cover around 3 to 4 miles. Current Government recommendations are 30 minutes of exercise 3 or more times per week. Running is ideal for this as it is a moderate to hard exercise, brings up the heart rate and gives all the benefits that regular exercise can give.

    When you’re running a marathon you’re training for that run up to 6 months in advance especially if you’ve never run a marathon before. What you will be doing while training is a long run per week. This run gets longer as you approach the day of the marathon. To such an extent where on these long runs you will be approaching 20 miles. So every week or 2 you’re running a short marathon in itself while you prepare for the actual 26.2 mile marathon itself.

    How far in advance you should train and buy running shoes

    Therefore if you’re training up to 6 months in advance for the marathon itself you need to consider buying the running shoes you’ll use in the marathon itself around 6 months in advance too. This is so they can wear in to your feet and you’ll get used to them. They can mold around your feet as you do the training mileage so they will suit you better as time goes on. This is fine to do as a proper pair of running shoes should last around 500 miles.

    By buying your running shoes well in advance you’re able to change them if they don’t suit you. This is not something you want to do just before the marathon itself but while you’re training and not covering large mileages already. What many experts recommend is that when you find a pair of running shoes you like you go and immediately buy a second pair. Running shoes are often being updated so buying a second pair of one that suits you makes for a good buying decision. You can alternate, use them as a spare or use them when the first pair have worn out.

    marathon running

    You need running shoes that can stand the hard distance

    As we’ve mentioned before the thing that’s separates marathons out from just hobby running is that massive long 26.2 mile distance that is the marathon. Therefore ordinary training shoes don’t cut it. They’re not designed for the running motion as it is which is a straight forward motion. Proper running shoes are needed when running normally whether you’re taking on a marathon or not. These are designed to help your body deal with the motion involved in running..

    We’ve established proper running shoes are required. However when it comes to training and running a marathon we would advise you get better running shoes. This means going up in price. Running shoes are the only equipment you really need to buy when running so it’s not an expensive sport. We recommend you spend at around $100 or more, the higher the better really. They have far more cushioning, support and technology you need when running long distances.

    Find out how you pronate to get the right pair of running shoes

    So we need proper running shoes and the more expensive ones the better. The next most important thing to consider is how you pronate. Every runner pronates, it’s natural as it’s the rotation of the foot as it land and then leaves the ground at the toe off. This rotation is the body’s natural shock absorbing system. However some runners can over or under rotate. This would be over or underpronation. You need to find out if you pronate neutrally (normally) or not.

    Any proper store that sells running shoes will be able to tell you how you pronate. Nearly every running shoe especially when you get to $100 plus are designed for runners who pronate a certain way. This is why it’s essential to find out how you pronate. When you find the right running shoes it will make a real difference to the performance and enjoyment of your running. Most of all it will help you run the marathon successfully and injury free in the best time you can. So just remember to think about your running shoes as soon as you start training for your upcoming marathon and you’ll do well.

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