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    The Best Running Shoes for Overweight People

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    Even if you’re not overweight it’s important that if you go running you wear proper running shoes. The advantages they have and the way they improve your enjoyment and experience of running are all reasons why. When you’re overweight and running it’s even more important that you wear proper running shoes. Fortunately being overweight there are running shoes that are perfectly designed to help you run better, further and with less injuries.

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    Why overweight people need running shoes

    If you’re running and running any distance and are overweight you are very prone to injuries. These are recognizable injuries that will occur due to the weight of running on your joints, muscles, legs and lower back. Your skeleton will be similar to that of a person who weighs a normal weight except you have a lot of fat on top. The skeleton won’t and never will be used to having your weight exerted while running on it. The problem is you need to run to help you lose the very weight that’s causing the problem.

    The first type of injuries that will occur first are shin splints. You will get these very much quicker than the normal weighted runner due to your heavy weight. You will find you have aches in your knees joints as this is a vital point of the running motion and takes the weight of every stride. Your ankles also take some punishment and pounding from your runs. Your lower back will also be under stress, a stress that normal weighted runners will rarely experience.

    What the correct running shoes will do

    The good thing is that the correct running shoes can help alleviate the weight of you running and the joints and muscles that you’ll be running on to a certain extent. The correct running shoes will have extra cushioning to absorb some of the impact of the heel as it lands. This cushioning is transferred to the front of the foot and helps you run by giving you a better toe off as you stride. Many running shoes have guidance systems built in which prompt your feet to stride on the correct and most natural motion which will help prevent injuries.

    The correct running shoes most of all will help your pronation. Pronation is the rotation of the foot as you land and stride to the toe off. The foot rotates naturally and this is one of the biggest factors in helping your body absorb the shock of your weight on the ground. The overweight person will tend to overpronate. This means that your feet over rotates as you stride and you need a pair of running shoes that are designed to help prevent this over rotation.

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    Overweight people need motion control running shoes

    Motion control running shoes are what helps prevent this over rotation. As they’re running shoes they still have the other benefits you find in normal running shoes like cushioning that will help every runner. Motion control running shoes will be slighter stiffer in the midsole and sole unit to help prevent the over rotation of the foot. There maybe what’s called a medial post which again helps prevent this overpronation.

    Overweight people tend to have flat feet and these runners are also recommended to have motion control running shoes. There is a way to tell how you pronate which is using a camera directly behind your feet and stride as you run on a treadmill. Some running stores will have this facility so it could be worth using it so you know for certain how you pronate. If you’re embarrassed to go into a running store and overweight runners maybe then simply go for motion control running shoes.

    How motion control running shoes will help

    As well as having the advantages we mentioned above like the medial post and the stiffness to prevent the overpronation that overweight people tend to have. They’re usually made slightly wider to help accommodate the flat foot and larger surface area of the foot that runners who need these types of shoes tend to have. When buying motion control running shoes look for this and also look for shoes that fit well around the heel. One thing a runner doesn’t want is unnecessary movement around the heel area while running.

    We can’t stress enough how important it is for overweight people to have proper running shoes. If they’re motion control then all the better as that’s exactly what you need. Directly through the link below are motion control running shoes and any of these will suit an overweight runner perfectly. Get the right size for you and you don’t have to spend the earth to get a good pair of running shoes. Once you get the right running shoes you’ll be glad you did as you’ll enoy your running in every way possible!

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