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    Trail Running Shoes Vs Running Shoes

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    It is vitally important that you wear running shoes whenever you go for a run. Running in other shoes does not cut it. Running in training shoes or shoes made for Tennis and the like will not be able to cope with the stresses of running. You need shoes that are designed for the running motion. That is running plenty of miles and in a forward motion.

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    What the correct running shoes will do

    Running with just training shoes and not the correct running shoes will have an impact on your running performance. Regular training shoes like that for tennis or basketball are designed for a side to side motion. This means they are wider and can take a motion that is not found in running. You don’t have to move from side to side when you’re running. Training shoes will often have a sole that is built up and heavier on the side to help the feet deal with the cross or side motion..

    Running requires a forward motion and the shoes are made for that purpose. Running shoes need to be padded in the tongue and the collar. This helps prevent any soreness from the repeated running action. The laces will often have special pockets or there may be an asymmetrical lacing pattern. The heel will often have a lot of cushioning and what’s called a heel plug in the sole to deal with the amount of punishment the heel takes during running..

    How to tell if you need trail running shoes

    Trail running shoes and regular running shoes are very similar. They both need to deal with the forward running motion. They both require heel protection and they both need to deal with any pronation that occurs which is the foot’s natural rotation when you stride. This is what gives you shock absorption and trail as well as normal running shoes will help enhance this naturally beneficial motion.

    The way to tell if you need trail running shoes is by looking at the surface you are running on most of the time. The reason they are called trail running shoes is because they’re designed to be worn while trail running. Trail running is usually done in a park or through woodland and there are usually steep slopes. Regular running is on flat surfaces which are usually the street on a flat path which is specially made for walkers or runners.

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    How the trail running shoe is different

    When you’re running on a trail running surface it’s usually a beaten path. The path normally has stones and other debris that can affect your running if landed on. There is usually more than a few gradients to deal with. You’re often running steep hills and valleys which also contain debris. These need particular running shoes to help deal with these obstacles and normal running shoes aren’t built in this way, they’re built for stable flat surfaces.

    Trail running shoes will normally have a rock protection plate. This is designed to help prevent any bruising you may have when landing on a stone or other debris. The sole has reversed lugs which means it can give you traction when running up or down steep hills. The sole is thicker to allow for other debris you may be running on especially at the heel like normal running shoes to deal with the landing as you run on different surfaces.

    What if I run on all kinds of surfaces

    Like almost every runner you may run on all kinds of surfaces. In winter your trails may be closed or difficult t to run on especially when it’s ice cold. You need to know whether buying trail running shoes is still necessary even though you may be running on the street too. Well, ideally you’ll have different running shoes depending in what type of surface you may be running on. In this case you’d only need two pairs one for regular running and one for trail running.

    If you can only afford one pair of running shoes and you should definitely buy more especially if you find a good pair for you because it’s the only running equipment you need. If you can only afford one pair then go for trail running shoes. They’e still built like regular running shoes in that you can buy a pair that are specifically made for overpronators or runners with other kinds of running actions. They just have all the benefits we’ve mentioned above. Buying trail running shoes will make a real difference especially when running on trails.

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