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Runners with neutral feetare normal and the most common type but still require running shoes. The shoes are designed to assist the correct running action the runner has. They willalso provide shock absorption that these runners need. Here weexplain how and why neutral footed runners need running shoes and the particular type ofshoes they need.

How neutral feet affects the runner

Normal footprint

People with neutral feet areoften described as having normal or medium arches, their foot print willbe like that on the left. The arch is visibleand endsat the middle of the foot. The arch isn't too high or low it is level or just above the line of the toes as you look at the side of the foot.

Most people have the foot type and due to this their running action and gait is efficient and regular. They're running at the fastest they can and will have less injuries than other foot types. Toenhance these aspects aspecialist running shoe should be addedwhether the runner is experienced or not.

Neutral footedrunners tend to pronate correctly


Pronation is something all runners do and is the way the foot rotates as it strikes the groundfrom the heelthen the foot slightly rotates inwards then you push off from the toes. What's important is how much the foot rotates or pronates and runners with neutral feet tend to pronate the correct amount.

Another way of describing it is by saying that they pronate correctly. There is just enough rotationthat shock is absorbed during the runand this action is efficient for the body. Running this way producesmaximum results. Howeverthis particular runner can still benefit with aparticular running shoe.

The need stability running shoes

Stability running shoe

Stability running shoes are designed for runners who pronate correctly and have neutral feet. They will find that running with this shoe enhances their already correct running action and helps reduce running injuries that can occur especiallyduring long runs.

Stability running shoes have elements of all running shoes in them to support and encourage the runner whatever the terrain they're running on. The shoe has some rigidityto allow for and control the efficient running action. Plus there is some cushioning to support the runners lower joints and muscles. If you have neutral feet be sure to invest in stability running shoesfor better, safer running.

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