Running Shoe Types

Runner putting on shoes

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Content by Simon Gould

Welcome to This site is all about running shoes. There are 3 types and I go through each of those here. They all help runners with certain feet characteristics and gaits get the best out of their running. There are slight differences in all 3 and some are better than others depending on who needs which.

Motion control running shoes

Runners who need these will often have a stride where their feet excessively roll inwards which can cause injuries. The shoes will usually a heel drop of over 10 mm which is different from normal stability running shoes. The midsole will often be harder and there will often be a shank. Extra support is needed because of the features of the feet.

Stability running shoes

This is what most runners will need. This is your typical running shoe you can buy and is for people with a normal running gait and shaped feet. Your feet roll inward in a predictable and efficient way as you run. As the name suggests the shoe is all about supporting and stabilizing your natural stride.

Cushioned running shoes

These are sometimes called neutral running shoes. The runner underpronates which means their foot doesn't turn inward enough as they run. This type of shoe has more cushioning in the heel and can often be lighter. This is like the opposite of a motion control shoe for what it does. They make a real difference to your running if you need them.

Running Shoe Reviews

There are many brands of running shoes available. New models are released regularly with the latest technology to help people get a better run. I've reviewed the latest here and tell you the features and drawbacks of the shoe. I've reviewed all fairly and honestly so if it's a good or bad shoe, I'll tell you.

Running Shoes Advice

Buying running shoes is only half of it. Yes, your running routine is very important but taking care of your running shoes can help prevent a lot of injuries occurring. I answer all kinds of questions here you may have regarding your shoes. How to clean them and if you should buy 2 pairs. I've gone through everything.