I'm Simon Gould And I'm The Author Of This Website

I've had a passion for running for over 30 years. Obviously as a child we tend to run everywhere but I just seemed good at it. I have two brothers and we are a very competitive and sporty family. I can always remember a treadmill in the house which I enjoyed using.

I represented my high school in running events

I represented my school in nearly every sport but my physical education teacher spotted some potential in me for running. I was always able to beat everyone else when running long distances. For this reason whenever a cross country inter school competition was held, I represented my school in the race.

I favored longer distances as I'm not really built for sprinting and shorter distances. All throughout school and running at home on a treadmill, it's important to have the correct running shoes. I was shown at a young age the shoes that are perfect for me and why. Fortunately my feet and gait are normal so stability running shoes are best.

I worked in a running shoe shop

Near where I used to live there was a very popular running shop where people would travel quite some distance to come and visit. They mainly came to get fitted and measured for running shoes. We would have them run on a treadmill with professional cameras around them to analyze the way they ran. We would also measure their feet.

By doing all this analysis we were able to fit the perfect shoes for the runner. We had people who were hobbyists to some elite sports people with coaches. I was part of the team to help and guide our customers. People often came in with other questions like how long shoes should last by mileage or how to clean them.

I was trained in all aspects of running shoes. The shop is called SweatShop and they're still around today. When I was there they only had one store but they've expanded quite a bit over the years. I'd recommend anyone with an interest in running to give them a try. They really know their stuff! I enjoyed my time there.

I've continued running as I've got older

My passion is still there and I've run many races over the years. I've taken part in lots of 5k's and 10k's. I've done some half marathons and 3 full marathons including the famous London Marathon. I'm in my 40's now so I mainly run on a treadmill to avoid any injuries. I still get the right footwear to enhance my running and exercise.

I have an interest in running shoes and stay up to date with the latest technologies. If you have any questions or you want further information I'll include my email here as well. I usually respond by the next day, sometimes quicker. I'll do my very best to help, as often the more opinions you get about something, the better.

Finally I hope you enjoy the site!

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