Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe Review

Brooks Ghost 13



The Brooks Ghost series are known for their cushioning and are the best selling Brooks running shoes. They are a cushioned / neutral shoe and have the heel drop that you would typically find in that type. It's designed for every day training on the road and track. Due to the cushioning, I think the Ghost 13's favor a lot of running surfaces.

For those used to Brooks and the Ghost series, you'll be familiar with the feel. This is always a good thing because it can be difficult to find the right shoe for your runs and when you do it's satisfying. There's no testing different brands and models, you go for the ones you know. That's what buyers are reporting with these shoes.


The upper is comfortable and supportive and it needs to be for those who this kind of shoe benefits. It's stretchable as well which is a good thing while you're pounding out those miles as you need your shoe to move with you. This is done because it uses 3D printed technology in the making of the upper. This is combined with a soft fabric lining.

Brooks Ghost 13 upper

Technology is sprinkled through out with what they call their open engineered air mesh. This makes it breathable and is common in modern running shoes today. I always show images of the most popular color, but there are many available that may be far more appealing to the colorful runner. The design is modern and typically Brooks Ghost.


The midsole is all about the cushioning and that is what Brooks are known for. The Ghost 13's don't let you down where this is concerned. The cushioning has been described as high energizing giving the runner a comfortable ride form the first to the last mile. The comfort and support is there from the heel to the forefoot.

Brooks have a new technology for the midsole they call DNA Loft. This is cushioning that extends beyond the heel. This makes your stride, which goes from the landing, usually on the heel to the toe push off, easier and more dynamic. This has been commented on and confirmed by testers. This design is gender specific so is different and beneficial for men and women.


The outsole is often over looked but can be an important part of the running shoe. It has the impact with the running surface and so is important and Brooks thinks so too. In the Ghost 13's they've thought about the natural running gait and movement with flex grooves along the forefoot. There is grip and also a further cushioning effect all thanks to the outsole.

Brooks Ghost 13 sole


All testers seem to report how comfortable and cushioned they feel. They are very popular with female runners with some saying they do 30 miles per week in them and are very happy. One tester was pleased that they feel like the Ghost series of old. Many testers have reviewed the fit to be "perfect" and "true" which is a good sign.

One male purchaser have been running in Ghost's for 7 years and appreciate the way they protected his feet even when his running gait had changed. The heel is very supportive due to a heel counter that Brooks have inserted. This has been noticed and approved of by more than a few testers.


While the Brooks Ghost 13 won't win any awards in the looks department, the practicality of wearing them for exercise is overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers have worn them for walking as well as running major weekly mileage and have been happy. They certainly are popular as there are thousands of reviews across the web.

The price is what you normally pay for the latest model of running shoe or maybe perhaps a little less. As Brooks research new technology they update their models and that's what you get with these. If you've always been satisfied with Brooks or you want to try them for the first time, you'll be joining many satisfied runners.