Cushioned Running Shoes

Cushioned running shoes are one of the 3 types of running shoes. They are specifically designed for people with a certain foot type and running action. This foot type causes an incorrect running action that cushioned running shoes help correct. Here we explain who needs this type of running shoe and why.

They are for runners with high arches

People with high arches or an arch that runs across the entire foot will leave a foot print like that on the right. The arch is sometimes above the level of the toes and the foot is often narrower than normal. Runners with this foot type will often have a particular running action.

This running action is not something that the runner can prevent and is why a particular running shoe is needed. Without cushioned running shoes there will be regular injuries which relate to a lack of shock absorption like shin splints and knee problems that the shoe prevent.

High arched footprint

These runners tend to underpronate


Pronation is a normal part of running and is when the foot and weight rotates towards the inner side as the weight travels along the foot. Runners who have a high arch will underpronate, there is rotation of the weight along the foot but not enough. There needs to be further inward rotation.

This causes the runner to run less efficiently and causes allot of shock on the joints of the foot and leg. Underpronation is a leading cause of injury especially in endurance runners where long distances are involved. There is a solution to the underpronation and that is the cushioned running shoe.

How cushioned running shoes work

Cushioned running shoes correct the problems that a runner with a high arch has. It corrects the underpronation by promoting the inward rotation following the heel strike by having a very flexible sole, the shoe will twist a lot easier.

The shoe also has a lot of shock absorption materials. This eases the stress on the joints that underpronation causes. These lead to a corrected running action which is more efficient for the runner leading to quicker times and less injuries. All this make cushioned running shoes essential if you have a high arched foot type.

Cushioned running shoe