Hoka One One Bondi 7 Running Shoe Review

Hoka One One Bondi 7



Hoka One One is a newer company that has become popular by making very good running shoes. This Bondi 7 is their latest model for runners with a normal running gait and arches, neutral feet and pronation. It's a stability running shoe and is on the upper scale where price is concerned but you get a quality product.

As with most respectable running shoe brands you get a choice of widths from medium to extra wide. 90% of runners felt they was true to their width. You get a range of fashionable color combinations for men and women should you have a preference. I personally always like plain black but that's just me.


Hoka One One have a reputation for their shoes to be very comfortable to wear and you will feel this in the upper. The upper is mesh for breathability as you can see in the images. This is essential in running shoes as it's horrible to run with wet shoes from sweating. The mesh is slightly different from the Bondi 6 but still effective.

Hoka One One Bondi 7 upper

The heel will make you feel secure on different surfaces (primarily hard like road, for trails a specialist shoe is recommended). The Bondi 7 is for normal pronators so the upper is there to support a normal running action. The rubber styling on the upper is typical Hoka One One and makes the shoe look good as you exercise.


The midsole is quite deep and very cushioned. There's a lot of return on your foot as you lift off the ground with every stride. They call this a Meta Rocker and say it promotes propulsion. I have owned a pair of Hokas and I agree, they are probably the most cushioned running shoes I've ever had. This is noticeably different from other brands.

The heel drop of 4 mm is typical for stability running shoes. You only need a high number if you have flat feet or overpronate. Because of the size of the midsole, you will feel an inch or two taller which may please some. If you want a shoe to use after an injury then the springy bounce you have here makes it one to consider.


The outsole hasn't changed from the Bondi 6. It gives you good grip and will last because the grooves are quite deep. The material is a rubber compound you often see on running shoes. They need to be flexible and durable and that's what we have here. There's a lot of technology to the Bondi 7 and that starts from the outsole.

Hoka One One Bondi 7 sole


Testers all comment on the cushioning which is typically Hoka. It still has support which is from the upper as I mentioned above. With these shoes being so cushioned and responsive, they are a little heavier. For this reason, a nice long and slower run is perfect for them as many testers agree with.

If your foot strike is your heel then these Hokas would be good for you. Heel strikers can often get in trouble with their joints and knees and so the extra cushioning will benefit you. Another good use is a recovery run. If you need to maintain your mileage and you had a hard run the day before, then you can be confident exercising with the Bondi 7's.


These Hoka One One's will not have you running a 10k in the quickest time you've ever done. However, for training or if you're a little older like me, you can take care of your feet and legs with the Bondi 7's. If you run to lose weight, get healthy or just the good feeling it gives then these would be ideal.

One reviewer even bought them and thought they were great for walking. You've never experienced what superior cushioning feels like until you've got the Bondi 7's and other Hoka shoes. Every tester seems to agree with that statement. I will buy Hokas again and if what people are saying about them is anything to go by, the Bondi series seems like a good choice.