Motion Control Running Shoes

Motion control running shoes are one of the 3 types of running shoes. They are specifically designed for people with a certain foot and running type. This causes a certain running action that needs correcting. Once corrected with these shoes their running will be enhance and they will find they have fewer injuries. Here we explain who may need motion control running shoes and why.

They are for runners with low arches

People with this foot type are also often described as having flat feet, their foot print will often be like that on the right. Due to having little or no arch often the entire foot touches the ground while standing. Runners with this foot type tend to have a particular running action or gait.

This running action is incorrect and is caused by having a foot of this type. Without suitable correction that a motion control running shoe provides the runner will find they have more over use injuries. This is because a runner with this foot type will excessively pronate when running.

Flat footprint

These runners tend to overpronate


Pronation is a normal part of running: the weight transfers along the foot and rotates inward before the lift off from the toes. However runners with flat feet will overpronate. Overpronation is when the foot rotates too far inward and this is not a natural running action and can cause injuries especially on long runs.

The ball of the foot takes the brunt of the weight as it rotates and then lifts off from the big toe. This is a less efficient running action and requires more effort to run. This can be corrected with motion control running shoes which are specifically designed for this purpose.

How motion control running shoes work

Motion control running shoes correct the overpronation in a few ways. They are more rigid and bulkier which prevents the rotation and allows a lift off from the middle of the feet. The sole will be slightly wider to allow for the foot type and also prevents overpronation.

The shoe will often have a medial post in the sole. This may sound restricting but it isn't and is an important feature that provides a more rigid shoe. It's like a support device that enhances the runners action to help correct pronation. So if you have low arched or flat feet be sure to invest in motion control running shoes.

Motion control running shoe