Running Shoe Reviews

Runner tying shoe laces

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Content by Simon Gould

Running shoes are essential for anyone who likes to run as exercise. Even if you run on a treadmill you should still use running shoes. Here I've reviewed them as thoroughly as possible. I'll go through the benefits, features and drawbacks of each pair. There are a lot of brands and a good variety which makes reviewing running shoes a rewarding task.


ASICS are probably the most popular brand of running shoe. They've managed to stay at this position for many years due to the latest technologies they use. I think their gel cushioning is what they use the most. This is silicone based and is slightly different for the heel and forefoot. I've always been happy with mine, you can't go wrong with an ASICS shoe really.

Hoka One One

This company was only founded in 2009 but they have very quickly built a big following. Their running shoes are known for their superior cushioning. The cushioning is so deep that they'll put an extra inch or two on your height. They're great for recovery runs or those who want to exercise after an injury. Reviews on the web are overwhelmingly positive.


Brooks have been making good running shoes for many years. Their shoes can look quite plain but hide some good features. The best thing I can say is that their customers are very loyal and that once you've tried them, you never go back. They're a little bit less pricey than some but still use technology throughout their shoes to give you a good ride.