Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Runners with flat feet or low arches require specific running shoes. These are designed to correct the incorrect running action or gait that the foot type causes. This is essential to prevent unnecessary injuries and can help you run further and faster. Here we give you the guide to running shoes for flat feet.

How flat feet affects the runner

People with this foot type are also often described as having low arches, their foot print will look like that on the right. As you can see there is little or no arch when standing and the whole foot is in touch with the ground. The foot type causes the runner to run a certain way.

This running action is not something that can be prevented and a specific running shoe is required. Without the proper correction the runner is not running at the best at whatever level they are currently at. This is because of the way that the flat footed runner pronates, in flat footed runners it's excessive.

Flat footprint

Flat footed runners tend to overpronate


Pronation is required in running and is the rotation of the foot as the foot strikes the ground and lifts off from the toes. The problem is in the amount of rotation that occurs. Overpronation is when there is too much rotation and is caused by having flat feet or low arches.

Overpronating is not an efficient way of running as the ball of the foot and the big toe take a lot of the punishing shock which travels up the foot and leg. This can cause injuries especially with long distance runs due to the length of running time and the amount of strides. The correct running shoe can cure these faults.

They need motion control running shoes

Motion control running shoes are the shoes that correct the problems and enable the flat footed runner to run at their peak. The shoe has features which prevent the overpronation. The shoe is more rigid and less able to twist to discourage the over rotation during the foot strike.

There will often be a medial post in the sole which further prevents too much rotation. The shoes have built in support to ease the stress on joints that runners may feel. If you have flat feet or low arches then motion control running shoes are a great investment.

Motion control running shoe