Running Shoes For High Arches

There are specific running shoes for runners with high arches. They are specially designed to help runners with this foot type run with the correct running action. This is something they need help to do naturally due to the shape of their foot. Here we explain the running shoes needed for high arched runners and why.

How the high arch affects the runner

A high arched foot will leave a footprint like that on the right. Some runners will have such a high arch that there maybe no connection on the print between the heel and the front of the foot. This foot type causes a certain running action which needs to be corrected even though the running may feel perfectly natural.

This running action or gait is something that the high arched runner can not prevent and if it remains uncorrected by the proper running shoe can lead to recognizable injuries. These injuries are related to the shock that passes through the feet and legs as the foot strikes the ground and are connected with pronation.

High arched footprint

High arched runners tend to underpronate


Pronation is the rotation of the foot as it strikes the ground and the weight travels towards the front. There is a rotation inward as this happens with a normal foot type. However with high arched runners there is not enough rotation hence they underpronate which causes problems.

The correct pronation is essential to run efficiently and quickly with the least amount of injuries. Running with the correct pronation while not feeling a lot different will make an immediate impact to your running as you will be able to run further and faster more easily.

They need cushioned running shoes

Cushioned running shoes correct the underpronation that a high arched runner has and it does this in a number of ways. The sole will be more flexible to encourage the little rotation that's already there. The shoe also promotes rotation in the width of the sole.

Underpronation causes a lot of shock on the joints and feet as the normal pronation absorbs it. For this reason the cushioned running shoe will have extra cushioning built in as the name suggests. Overall for high arched runners cushioned running shoes are essential in your running equipment.

Cushioned running shoe