Running Shoes For Low Arches

There are specific running shoes for people with low arches. These help the runner run with the proper running action and help reduce injuries that may otherwise have occurred. Here we explain the running shoes needed for these foot types and how they work.

How the low arch affects the runner

People with this foot type are also often described as having flat feet, their foot print will often be like that on the right. As you can see there is little or no arch and while not affecting walking at all, running is affected negatively and this is compounded if running long distances. The foot type produces a particular running action.

Runners with this action are not running efficiently and this is something completely involuntary. If the runner continues to run with this uncorrected running action they will have certain running injuries especially when running distances. This is due to how they pronate when running.

Flat footprint

Low arched runners tend to overpronate


Pronation is the rotation when the heel strikes the ground while running and the weight transfers along the foot and rotates inward before the lift off from the toes. Runners with low arches will overpronate where the weight rotates too much toward the ball of the foot and pushes off from the big toe.

The runner does not notice this happening but will tend to suffer from overuse injuries in time. Their running itself is affected as they have to try harder to run the same distance or speed as if they were pronating correctly. There is a specific running shoe that automatically corrects this overpronation.

They need motion control running shoes

Motion control running shoes are for runners with flat feet or low arches and overpronate, they are specially designed with features to correct the problems these foot types cause. Compared to other shoes they are more rigid and bulkier which helps prevent allot of the overpronation.

The shoe will also have a medial post in the sole which further aids the correct pronation. As with all running shoes there is more cushioning and support especially for the runner. So if you have low arched feet be sure to invest motion control running shoes.

Motion control running shoe