Running Shoes For Normal Arches

If you have a normal or medium arched feet you still require specific running shoes. These help you run with the correct running action and most importantly help prevent running injuries that occur with the wrong type of shoe. Here we explain the running shoes needed for normal arched feet and why.

How the normal arch affects the runner

People with this foot type are also often described as having neutral feet, their foot print will be like that on the right. The arch is clearly there but doesn't spread the whole across the foot and isn't missing like in flat feet. Actually most runners will have neutral normal arched feet.

Runners with arches like this will typically run using the most efficient and injury free running action. It is important to analyse your foot type to make sure that you do fit in this category and know that if you do your running action is normal in the way that your foot pronates as you run.

Normal Footprint

Normal arched runners tend to pronate correctly


Pronation is the rotation of the foot as it strikes the ground during running and the weight travels along to the front, the foot rotates as this happens which helps absorb shock and then you lift off from the toes. The amount of this rotation is important and the normal arched runner has the correct amount of pronation.

A runner who overpronates has too much rotation of the foot during running and underpronators don't rotate enough. Either way a particular running shoe is required. Normal arched runners also require a running shoe so their correct pronation can be supported.

They need stability running shoes

Stability running shoes give the support and encouragement to the pronation and the feet that the normal arched runner needs. The shoes have elements of all types of running shoes in them but to a lesser extent.

The stability running shoe will have some rigidity to support the foot but not too much to discourage the good pronation. There will be cushioning to help absorb the shock that a run can cause. So if you have normal arched feet be sure to invest in stability running shoes to enhance your running in every way.

Stability Running Shoe