Running Shoes For Overpronators

Runners who overpronate need this corrected and they can with a particular type of running shoe. They are designed to correct the over rotation in the foot during the run and can greatly enhance the runners speed and efficiency. They will also find they have less injuries. Here we explain the running shoes needed for overpronators and how they work.

How the runner overpronates

Pronation is a normal part of running and is when the foot rotates as it strikes the ground as the weight transfers to the front of the foot and you push off from the toes. Pronation is perfectly normal however some runners overpronate. This is when there is too much rotation. This can cause problems for the runner.

Overpronation cause allot of stresses on the lower leg joints and muscles as there is a pounding foot action as the foot strikes the ground with no shock absorption that normally occurs through normal pronation. Therefore injuries can occur without this being corrected by the appropriate running shoe.


Overpronating runners tend to have flat feet

Flat footprint

Significantly runners who overpronate will usually have flat feet or very low arches and their foot will create a footprint like that on the left. With little or no arch all the sides of the feet are low or touch the ground. Runners with this foot type can't help but overpronate as there is no arch to limit the rotation of the foot.

The flat foot means the push off during the run occurs from the big toe and the ball of the foot both of which take allot of punishment. This causes many injuries that are common with this foot type and running action. There is a particular running shoe that can correct all of these problems.

They need motion control running shoes

Motion control running shoes are designed to prevent the overpronation and cause the runner to run in a more efficient and often faster way. The shoe has many features that enable this. It will be less able to twist and be more rigid to stop the over rotation of the foot.

The shoe will contain a medial post in the sole which further prevents the overpronation and will offer shock absorption. This will ease any overuse injuries in the lower leg and foot that running causes. So if you overpronate be sure to make an invest in motion control running shoes for easier, faster runs.

Motion control running shoe