Running Shoes For Pronators

Pronating is a normal part of running and essential to ensure you run efficiently and with the fewer injuries. Those who pronate normally usually have a normal foot type but still require particular running shoes. Here we explain how the foot pronates with a certain foot type and the running shoes needed.

How the runner pronates

Pronation is when the foot strikes the ground during the run and as the weight transfer to the front and the foot slightly rotates inward. This is a natural motion and enables the runner to run faster and further for longer. This is as long as you pronate by the correct amount.

There are some who under or overpronate and this causes difficulties for the runner like overuse injuries and lower leg joint problems. Most people however pronate correctly and this is often be determined by the foot type. A particular foot type causes the runner to pronate a certain amount.


Correctly pronating runners tend to have neutral feet

Normal footprint

Runners who pronate correctly or by the right amount usually have neutral feet or normal/medium arches. Their footprint will be like that on the left. There is an arch to the foot which does not spread across the whole of the foot like those with a high arch, it ends in the middle with the outer part of the foot touching the ground.

Runners with this foot type have a perfectly normal running action which is efficient and causes the least injuries. They will also be able to run in a faster time and with less effort. However, even with these advantages it's essential for this runner to have a particular running shoe which are designed for this foot type.

The need stability running shoes

Stability running shoes are perfect for those with a normal foot type and pronate correctly. Unlike a lateral motion training shoe they are built for running in. Stability running shoes enhance the correct running action in a few ways.

They have some rigidity in them to prevent too much pronation but not too much to prevent the rotation that is already there. They will also have some shock absorption to cater for the forward motion that the runner uses and the stresses that are placed on the runners feet and legs. For these reasons stability running shoes are vital for better running.

Stability running shoe