Running Shoes For Supinators

Runners who supinate are not running with the correct running action and this needs correcting. Without correction the runner is not running to their potential and they will get particular injuries that supination causes. Fortunately there is a running shoe that can correct the problem. Here we tell you about supination, what happens when you do it and the shoe that corrects it.

How the runner supinates

Supination in the foot is what happens during a run, the heel strikes the ground and the foot is supposed to rotate inward to absorb shock and help the runner push off from the font of the foot. With supination there is very little rotation and the weight stays along the outer edge of the foot.

This is not an efficient running action, it takes more effort to run supinating and can cause injuries that relate to shock along the foot and the lower leg. Shin splints early on during long runs are likely as are ankle strains. Runners who supinate tend to have a foot type that causes them to run this way.


Supinating runners tend to have high arched feet

High arched footprint

The high arch discourages the rotation required in a normal running action. The foot will naturally land with the weight on the outer part of the foot and the weight continues along that path. The footprint with a high arched runner will be like that on the left, there is little of the foot touching the ground on the outer edge.

The supination may be noticed even when high arched runner is walking, there may be wear on the outside of the sole of their normal footwear. It is essential this is looked at especially with running shoes to determine if supination is happening. Fortunately a particular type of running shoe can correct most of these problems.

They need cushioned running shoes

Cushioned running shoes help cure the supination that's occurring. Even with a high arch these shoes have features that cure the problems including the injuries that can occur. They are specially designed to do this with many features built in.

The shoe will be more flexible to encourage the foot to rotate instead of supinate for a more natural running motion. The shoe has more cushioning features in the upper and sole to help ease the pounding the outer edge of the foot receives in runners of this type. Overall if you have these problems you will find cushioned running shoes an essential piece of running equipment.

Cushioned running shoe