Stability Running Shoes

Stability running shoes are one of the 3 types of running shoes. They are specifically designed for people with a certain foot type and running action. This is a perfectly normal and efficient running action but one that still needs a particular running shoe. This will enhance your running and you'll find you have fewer injuries.

They are for runners with medium or normal arches

People with this foot type are also often described as having neutral feet, their foot print will be like that on the right, there is a clear space where the arch is. The foot has an arch that isn't too low or high, it matches the level of the toes. This is a normal foot that most people have.

A runner with this foot type will normally have a regular running action. With a different foot type injuries can occur without correction but a runner with this foot type will have minimal injuries as a result of their running action. However they still require a specialist running shoe.

Normal footprint

These runners tend to pronate correctly


When running we refer to the way the foot strikes the ground and the way the weight transfers along the foot and the foot rotates slightly inward across the ball, there is then a lift off from the middle of the toes. This slightly inward rotation is called pronantion and happens with all runners.

The runner with a normal arch will pronate correctly, there is an inward rotation but it isn't excessive. There is also enough rotation that there is shock absorbed by this action. Over and underpronation can each cause separate recognizable injuries that someone with a normal action will not suffer from.

How stability running shoes work

Despite pronating correctly and having a normal running action a specialist running shoe is still required. A stability running shoe will have many features that are not found on a normal training or cross action shoe. They are designed specifically for the runner.

The stability running shoe has elements of all types of running shoes but to a lesser extent. Normal pronantion is encouraged but not exaggerated so some rigidity is there. Running puts a lot of stress on the joints so some cushioning can be found. If you have a normal foot type then be sure to invest in stability running shoes to enhance your running.

Stability running shoe